The Wealth of Spirit

SPIRIT IS WEALTHY IN ANY ECONOMY! That is the thought I woke up with this morning. I had gone to bed last night having watched 10 minutes of the news until I couldn’t stand the ‘fires of fear’ that were spreading so pervasively. After all the banks still had a net income of $20billion last year (a statement reported to my financial planner from an inside contact from TD). I went to bed with the question, “as a leader of my own life, how do I respond to all the financial disparity that seems to be spreading in people’s psyche about the ‘direness’ of our future?” This thought followed by other thoughts that have been going through my mind that have served me well:

“You can’t think your way out of problems you have behaved your way into” (Stephen Covey)

“The answer to thriving and being wealthy is right here inside me and in my relationship to Nature, to Great Spirit.” (Shirley Lynn Martin)

“You must start beyond scarcity to be wealthy. You can’t achieve wealth from scarcity. You must start beyond it!” (Tony Robbins)

“This moment is the perfect moment for me to truly open my heart to the wealth of Spirit and create my life.” (Shirley Lynn Martin)

As a child, I knew wealth started in my heart. I loved animals with such a big heart that of course, our relationship with each other was wealthy. It still is today. Being wealthy doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, but I sure am clear where I place my value and the principles I live by to make sure that my relationships with animals (and others) have deep wealth and richness to them. I knew that how I behaved from my heart toward my animals determined the quality or wealth of my relationship with them.

In my family, we never had TV until I was 11 years old or so. Recreation and playtime was filled with creating games and inventing our entertainment in the nearby creek, the fields and animals around me. I learned that wealth meant having an imagination and knowing how to play for hours without adult intervention. I learned about the wealth of time being directed to what makes me happy and fulfilled and sustains my overall health.

In my family, working together on our little farm was interspersed with playing. Looking back on our family photos, it is obvious that we didn’t have much by way of excess furniture or décor! My mother had a wringer washer (if anyone even knows what that is), until they got a new one. I remember being old enough that my younger brother and I decided to take it apart to see if we could fix it. Couldn’t! We did get greasy though. (I think my mother had to clean up the mess). Nevertheless, I didn’t feel poor. Our work had purpose and our home environment was respected through our efforts to keep the space clean and tidy. I experienced wealth of purposeful work and safe space in the fresh and clean space.

Wealth for me meant playing with animals and my siblings. It meant reading books with my mother and sitting on my father’s lap snapping his nose and laughing. Wealth meant eating from the garden, and then especially treats from Dairy Queen. Wealth had little to do with money, but a lot to do with the joy of my spirit. In the years after my father’s death, much changed and yet, a constant remained. Wealth was still expressed in what I loved to do and what was most natural to me. Even though there was much turmoil and deep grief that had come over my whole family, I could still find inner wealth and outer wealth in playing sports. I loved the physical vitality it required. I loved the competition and the community I felt with my teammates. As I look throughout my life, I can find wealth because of the meaning I have given it.

Recently, my siblings and I discussed some of the events around my father’s death and the financial impact it had had. No one was resentful. No one had wished for a different outcome about what happened financially. Forgiveness had truly been experienced in our hearts. And with that forgiveness, our relationships with each other and towards the community around us, remains wealthy.

Wealth is not only about money and certainly not about the amount of money. It’s about Spirit. True wealth is about Spirit! Spirit is wealthy. Wealthy behaviour means I give to others from a heart of kindness because I have faith in the wealth of Spirit. Spirit gives with blessing, with anointing, with grace and forgiveness. To experience wealth as Spirit does, I am invited to give with blessing, with loving kindness, to forgive and accept grace. Spirit is wealthy and so gives generously. Jesus never criticized wealth. He spoke out against greed and one’s lack of generosity!!

We all know that to receive different results we must behave differently. It’s not enough to think differently. We must behave differently with our heart! And that requires being alive to Spirit. BEHAVING WEALTHY starts beyond scarcity!

If I look into Nature and observe what makes it thrive and be rich, to be healthy, so to speak, I notice that getting a balance of sunlight, night, rain, dry, cool and warmth, good nutrients and then space and time to follow its own natural course of coming into its fullness. In other words, my wealth of spirit is dependent upon my spirit’s health and my spirit’s health is dependent upon the balance of my life. This balance of life is rooted in the wealth of Great Spirit that sustains my health and wealth.

My spirit knows that it takes a season of focused energy toward manifesting who I am naturally. I can’t cram it like I did on my exams in university. Growing up in an agricultural family, the harvest takes focused planning, diligent, purposeful action and lots of faith in the season of time and natural flow to bring about the harvest. I also observed that naturally, a flower does not try to become a tree. A healthy dog does not want to become a cat. They live and breathe naturally into the wealth of who they are!

Spirit is wealth. Spirit is health. Spirit is balance. Spirit is peace and love and more, not just for me, but for ’the WE.’ When Spirit is my centre, then wealth follows. What is your experience, meaning and mindset of wealth? How does your spirituality sustain you in these economic and spiritual times? Let the transformations of us all continue indeed!

©Shirley Lynn Martin