Spring Equinox Peace Circle and Ceremony: Nurturing the Soil of our Emergence

Join me in this online Peace Circle and ceremony. Through ritual, ceremony, reflection and connection with the freshness of spring and light, we will nurture our spirits and the seeds of our soul’s dream. Spring Equinox is a time of celebration where day and night, light and dark are in… Read more

Self Compassion Webinar Course

New!! Online webinar course Find a New Path for Your Passion in Life, Rooted in Self Compassion Self compassion, research shows, helps grow our self esteem, our self regard and as such, encourages us to reach towards our passions in life. And it has been shown to be effective in… Read more

Individual Session

Soul Coaching happens in a series of 60 minute face-to-face or phone conversations, depending on where you live and/or what we’ve agreed on in our first conversation. Using Wisdom’s Way to Peace System of Life & Spiritual Development, I will combine multiple approaches to make the transformative journey with you—this… Read more

Initial Session

Our first session together will lay the foundation for your future Soul Coaching as well as help you secure the motivation and courage to accomplish your objectives. This 90 minute session will include an assessment and initial coaching session using Wisdom’s Way to Peace System of Life & Spiritual Development.… Read more

The Art and Practice of Forgiving – Discover the Freedom to Live

You have been told forgiveness is good for your soul. You have been told that forgiving is more a gift to you than to the offender… But WHAT does the act of forgiving actually mean? HOW do I forgive in a way that is useful and liberating? This one-day workshop… Read more

The Self Kindness Response: Boundaries for Healthy and Joyful Living

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood, taken advantage of, uncared for and want to learn and practise how to say yes or no in ways that feel right for you? Do you struggle with setting boundaries that are kind yet firm? Are you ready to let go of longstanding feelings… Read more

Wisdom’s Way to Relating Peacefully – Your Personal Working Guide

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it. Eleanor Roosevelt This workbook will take you through an indepth process of reflection, dreaming and learning in a very supportive way. You begin on a… Read more

Reiki Community & Practice

A time to be with like-spirited Reiki practitioners to receive and offer treatments. Improve yourself as a Reiki channel and be supported in a community of healing and empowerment. Our focus will be on Spiritual & Reiki Community Development with time for connecting, meditation, Reiju, and Reiki exchanges. These evenings are… Read more

Reiki Training Level 1 (Shoden)

Take this golden opportunity to begin your path to self-healing and spiritual development with Reiki. Awaken to its power and mystery. Deepen your journey by joining an active community of supportive and like-minded fellow seekers and Reiki practitioners. Reiki Level One (Shoden) Friday & Saturday October 4 & 5th, 9:30… Read more

Reiki Level 2 (Okuden)

Friday & Saturday July 10 & 11, 9:30am – 4:30pm and Saturday July 25th, 9:30am – 4:30pm Pre-Requisite : Level One (Shoden) Similar to Level One, you will have theory time, conversation and question time, table time, learning new meditations and techniques, as well as the Level Two Attunement. In… Read more