Get Ready to Open the Gift of 2009

As I reflect upon 2008, I am aware of all the action I took to align my life, my work and my body. At the beginning of the year, I invited you to join with me on this path in your own way and so here we are at the close of this year, measuring how well we have done to stick with our commitments and intentions. Given the kind of events that unfolded, staying aligned was a gift of grace for me and I know for those of you with whom I journeyed! I recently read that 2008, being a number 10 year, and therefore carrying a number 1 vibrational energy, gave rise to many new, unexpected and extraordinarily challenging life conditions. We only need to look back over the year to notice perhaps not only what happened personally for many, but also globally. Regardless of these events, I knew deep inside the unexpected and extraordinary life challenges were good, intended upon providing opportunities of purification and creativity in every way. In November I stepped into the energy of 2009 and my soul sighed with huge relief. In some way, there is coming an arrival to something we have been working toward. All through November and December, I could feel the lightness of this energy and the good changes I knew it would bring me. These changes have already started manifesting!

I took note of the qualitative value of the year 2009 that equals the vibrational energy fields of the number 11 (one of my favourite numbers). I recognized how the energy of this number matched the energy of 2009 that I have already been feeling. The number 11 is, in part, a universal number and one that challenges us to choose between two paths, one that is positive and filled with change and transformation out of the old mindsets and the other path is the continuance of a path of negativity, dishonesty and injustice.

There are other astrological events for 2009 such as 4 retrogrades (which is like asking us to look back and finish up de-cluttering the unfinished). As well, the number 11 is also partnering with the planet Uranus, known as the system of the “Great Awakener.” In other words, we have a year of great change and transformation that is coming to us whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not!

In 2009, I am both introducing new workshops and bringing forward new approaches and ideas of leadership and inner peace that I have been sitting with for a long time. It is now time. The year has arrived. The time has arrived for each of us to step forward as leaders of our own lives, within our families and communities and on the world platforms. Whether your leadership is claiming self empowerment instead of a path of on-going disempowerment, or whether your leadership is creating a new program to teach others or whether your leadership is to give of your resources to others who have the skills, expertise and calling to make profound changes in the various parts of our world where it is needed, we are joyfully called forward in 2009. No matter what your leadership may be like for you, the time is certainly here for all of us to step forward and be the leaders we trust to bring peace on this planet.

My mission is about peace. My leadership is about inner peace. Stabilizing peace on the planet is a passion within that instructs everything I do and choose. Yet, peace on the planet cannot be stabilized until we can stabilize inner peace. I invite you to join me in 2009 to choose the path of inner peace; to become the leaders you trust and to surrender to all the changes and transformations that awaken us to the inner peace that awaits us. The year 2009 will bring change and transformation to our feet whether we like it or not. For me, the changes, although require effort and discipline, are fun and prosperous. From deep in my heart, I encourage you to challenge yourself to change your old mindsets, release the fears of lack and the weight of your past. Let the light-filled changes that are coming awaken you more deeply toward your joy! Come and learn to be a leader and move forward with inner peace. Now that’s a Christmas gift I’m excited to open and live!
Blessed be!

©Shirley Lynn Martin