Soul Coaching

What is Soul Coaching?

Soul Coaching
connects you with your inner wisdom to find your genuine responses to life’s joys and challenges. It is a sacred opportunity where you learn to speak your truth and live what is life-affirming to you. You discover a purposeful life-path of body, mind and spirit abundant with strategies, healing and success that make you happy and peaceful in your everyday life.

Soul is our essential self; our innermost light and expression. Soul Coaching is a holistic, unique ‘heart path’ method that helps you become clear and authentic in who you are, and what you really value. You will learn to face your fears, and release negative beliefs or emotions that are holding you back from realizing your hopes and dreams.

What Shirley Lynn’s clients say about Soul Coaching

“…I know she can really make a difference. I feel safe working on things with Shirley Lynn. It’s like she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me, as she’s so careful about grounding, making sure the benefits of each session don’t slip away, going at a measured pace that I can cope with and the reminders about pre- and post-visit nutrition, water, rest, etc. This is not “airy fairy” work that’s just pleasant or ‘feel-good’ – it’s grounded and meant to make a real and lasting difference and that’s what I’m looking for.”

“I am a totally different person from the first time that I walked into Shirley’s office. I am more present and connected to who I am. I am humbled over and over with the information that Shirley teaches us. Her teaching methods help me to identify what I need to change and she teaches me how to take the information into my mind and body. This makes the process of change more solid and real for me.”

How Will We Work Together?

Our work in Soul Coaching happens in a series of 60 minute face-to-face or phone conversations, depending on where you live and/or what we’ve agreed-on in our first conversation.

I will send you a self-administered Assessment before our first Soul Coaching session which will help us to understand:

  • How you see yourself
  • What outcomes you want and need through Soul Coaching
  • Any current plans you have to achieve those results
  • The skills and talents you have or need to achieve them
  • Your current level of self-motivation to attain the outcomes you’re seeking

Our first session together will lay the foundation for your future Soul Coaching as well as helping you secure the motivation and courage to accomplish your objectives. We will also determine the duration of our work together during the first meeting so that you can project your forward progress during a specified time-line.


How can you benefit from Soul Coaching with me?

These direct benefits of working with Shirley Lynn Martin have been identified by past and current Soul Coaching clients.


  • Nurture a positive self-image
  • Find the power to lose weight and keep it off
  • Achieve specific health goals and strategies such as stop smoking or improved sleep
  • Understand how stress affects health, relationships and life overall
  • Acquire skills to listen to your body and apply habits to return to vitality
  • Breathe freely and keep your energies strong


  • Learn strategies to calm your anxieties or fears so that you can engage with life more fully and meet new people, drive, go canoeing, fly, or learn something new
  • Discover healthier ways of communicating your wants, thinking and needs in relationships with partners, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, or companion animals
  • Free yourself from the guilt of not being or doing enough, as well as worry about the future and the ‘what if’s, and achieve release from the anger about past hurts that separate you from your inner peace
  • Overcome the limitations of depression
  • Free yourself of a hidden secret controlling your life
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with the stress and conflict of a dysfunctional family


  • Determine who you truly are, what your heart’s desire is, and how to make it happen
  • Overcome your fear of changing to a ‘career-of-heart’
  • Discern your inner wisdom and use it to guide your way in complicated situations such as divorce, leaving a job, or being a care-giver in the midst of a major illness
  • Learn to balance self-growth with the demands and realities of life including family and work
  • Identify strategies to anchor, centre and listen for the options to move forward in any stressful moment throughout the day
  • Discover a meaningful path through loss and grief of loved ones

What Benefits Would You Like to Receive from Soul Coaching ?


What can you expect from me as your Soul Coach?

My commitment to you includes:

  • A sacred space to reflect on who you really are and why you are here
  • Truthful, compassionate and confidential conversations
  • Clear insights that get to the heart of the matter quickly
  • Providing accountability to what you say you want and the actions you will commit to
  • Being thorough and respectful in any assessment of the concerns you are ready to change
  • Holistic and integrative approaches that attend to the whole person as well as the larger vision of what you want
  • Challenging the ‘automatic storytelling’ that causes confusion, pain and inner stress
  • Sharing the hope and joy of what you really value, love, and dream about in your life
  • Partnering with you as a professional, along with an authentic heart of kindness
  • Keeping you honest
  • Helping you become aware of other books, articles and lessons that will provide additional perspectives for you, as appropriate
  • Grounded expertise, guidance and support to help you make your life, your relationships and your heart come alive


What is expected of you in our Soul Coaching partnership?

A willingness to:

  • Change
  • Go past your old comfort zone
  • Take action toward what you want
  • Take responsibility for what you want and be accountable for what is holding you back
  • Embrace spiritual awakening
  • Learn kindness, compassion, and real love for yourself and all life


Soul Coaching allows you
to discover or restore balance and meaning:

In your home and workplace environment
To your whole ‘self’—your mind, body and spirit
In your family, community, partnership and pet relationships

Are You Ready to Work Together?