Diamond Degrees Reiki Training

Love yourself and be awake –
today, tomorrow, always.
First establish yourself in the way,
then teach others and so defeat sorrow.
To straighten the crooked,
you must first do a harder thing: straighten yourself.
You are your only master. Who else?
Subdue yourself and discover your master.”
(The Buddha)

Diamond Degrees Reiki Training and Soul Coaching Program is the unique integration of a spiritual path that cultivates inner peace, relaxation and wellness, freedom and happiness (Satori) through learning self-healing practices of self-purification, body/mind reunification and wholeness, meditation practices of concentration and of awakening our truest nature.

Reiki is derived from two Japanese kanji which together signify the spiritual, sacred power and energy of the Great Universe. This energy enlightens us with cosmic consciousness to our soul purpose and the inner Harmony of the soul that expresses outwardly as happiness, peace and true empowerment! Soul Coaching supports the Reiki student to translate this spiritual path and healing art into practical approaches and actions that bring transformative healing within ourselves and to all who live on and in this Earth.

Diamond Degrees Reiki trains students in numerous methods, including Usui Ryoho, Gendai Ho, and Komyo Reiki Kai to inspire a profound, grounded and richer understanding and practice of both traditional Japanese and Western methods. (see reiki descriptions)

As a healing art, Reiki, the pure cosmic energy, brings deep relaxation and health to areas of pain, disease or physical disharmony by increasing the circulation and homeostasis of our ki/bioenergy throughout the whole body and its cellular, organic systems. Reiki heals us by bringing our attention and intention to the present moment so that the power of the Universe can flow into our mind/body states, clearing karmic and trauma patterns; returning us to a state of GRACE (DIVINE LOVE).

Reiki Ryoho is a spiritual path to gaining the inner wisdom when living with attentiveness to the PRESENT MOMENT, experiencing the Power and Grace of the Sacred as one’s awareness in the here and now!

In this great moment of being present, mastery offers us the gift of this Universal DIVINE LOVE flowing within (Reiki) and thus can serve as the Universal Balance, bringing healing and health through whatever deed, thought, intention or speech in which we engage or communicate.

If you are drawn to this journey you are a committed and sincere seeker who previously has explored and developed some foundational self-knowledge. You are one who desires to live in divine sacredness and experience the mystical in the Now, bringing new seeds of Peace and Truth for the greater transformation of ALL on this planet.

If this in-depth program appeals to you, contact Shirley Lynn Martin [Reiki Master/Teacher] today to start this gentle spiritual journey of healing and discovery.