Diamond Degrees Reiki and Soul Coaching Program

20 hours class time

Diamond Degrees Reiki Program is an in-depth self-healing and spiritual development program in which we will learn and experience either Komyo Reiki Do or Gendai Reiki Ho system that care for, heal and empower us along with soul-life coaching to expand, deepen and enrich the Reiki Ryoho path to peace, joy and vital living.

Specific emphasis will be given to opening ourselves to the insights and influences of Reiki in how we relate with ourselves, with others, with Nature, etc. Invariably, Reiki calls us toward heightened mindfulness and peacefulness in all our relations.

Students begin by “being as they are” and ultimately, upon the path, become “who they are”.

During the Level One Intensive, students will learn and begin to practice:

  • This simple and gentle healing art that restores vitality, balance and health in body, mind and spirit. Engage with your natural talent to channel sacred, healing energy
  • The philosophy of Reiki Ryoho and its historical beginnings
  • Five simple principles that will guide your everyday life choices and behaviours for healthy, balanced living
  • Receive a lifelong attunement to the loving, healing and harmonious vibrations of the holy and sacred dimensions
  • How to provide reiki treatments to plants, animals, water and food
  • How to keep the energy in your home and workplace flowing and feeling clean and purified
  • Specific hand placements used for specific ailments
  • How to improve emotional balance and general well-being
  • A guide to energetic practices to enhance peace of mind and relaxation of spirit and to raise your level of energy and consciousness/awareness
  • Personalized small group as well as one-on-one teaching to develop relevant, grounded and powerful practices. The opportunity to connect with like-hearts.

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.


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