Symbolism of Feathers, Rainbows & Roses

Feathers generally remind us of flight and freedom, of connecting the elements of air and space. Feathered beings have the power to ascend and descend gracefully without the limits of gravity. Feathers also evoke images of the scribe, the communicator who creates, educates and inspires.

Rainbows are reflections of the full spectrum of Light, of Divine Intelligence. They always come in twos and have multiple degrees of visibility and brilliance – sometimes we only catch a glimpse of the rainbow but nevertheless it is always fully present as the Source of True Light. Rainbows also are symbolic of promise fulfilled, an act of the Spirit’s Grace to us.

Roses are one of nature’s most perfect and diverse expressions of beauty, passion, preciousness and potential for exquisite love, power and royalty. Its thorns prod and affirm self-empowerment through the good use of multi-dimensional boundaries.