Are you tired of feeling misunderstood, taken advantage of, uncared for and want to learn and practise how to say yes or no in ways that feel right for you?

Do you struggle with setting boundaries that are kind yet firm?

Are you ready to let go of longstanding feelings of hurt and resentment and choose instead ‘inner happiness’?

As a highly sensitive person, do you find yourself picking up on other people’s emotional or energetic ‘stuff’?

Are you ready to exercise greater loving-kindness in your self care?

If you can relate to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

“There is a very complicated and non-negotiable relationship between boundaries and (self) compassion”.  Brene Brown

The Self Kindness Response: Boundaries for Healthy and Joyful Living

Join Shirley Lynn Martin for two full days of evaluation, imagining and insight. In the safe intimate setting of this workshop, you will have ample opportunities to discuss questions from your personal experience as well as the in-class exercises (ie “What if my husband/wife/partner does this __?” or “How do I respond when my mother/child/sibling does that?”). Out of this, you will be able to create an action plan that will guide you in your communications, your life and relationships beyond this experience.

goal-729571_640This workshop is very interactive with exercises designed to clarify who you truly are and how you want to re-imagine your relationships and life. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding about the mind/body/spirit connection – to empower you beyond this course with useful skills for a self-kindness response in your daily decisions. As you step out again into the ‘real’ world and live the changes you have initiated in this workshop, you will continue to benefit from the accountability and support of fellow participants.


  • Learn specific personal steps and boundaries you need to live a kinder and healthier dance with yourself!
  • Become more aware of your personal body-mind connection that make your choices to happiness clearer;
  • Develop positive strategies that move you beyond ‘the drama’ to more life-giving relationships with yourself and others;
  • Learn HOW your body says yes to what makes you happy and no to what makes you sick;
  • Experience the real power of self- kindness, and release the self-destruction of people-pleasing; and
  • Create a motivation for self care and boundaries rooted in loving-kindness.

This course has brought me the understanding and courage to look after myself in all aspects of my life. Knowing that I not only need to look after “me”, but that I am capable of doing so brings me peace, strength, love and joy. One of the most intimate relationships I am learning is with myself. I am also gaining a deeper and loving spiritual relationship with the Divine. I am grateful for this, as I have spent many years in conflict with my Higher Power. Lynda

The Self Kindness Response: Boundaries for Healthy and Joyful Living

Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2, 2018

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Private Home just minutes from (north) Waterloo, ON

(Super-delicious morning and afternoon snacks are provided. Please bring your own lunch or visit nearby eateries.) You are welcome to enjoy the property during break times.

Cost: $297 +HST if pre-paid with cash, checks or e-transfer

(*Additional PayPal user fee will be applied for on-line payment)

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If you know this transformative two-day workshop – The Self Kindness Response: Boundaries for Healthy and Joyful Livingis exactly what you have been looking for, register today to ensure your enrolment. Limited seating. If you need more information or want to discuss how this workshop might benefit you, contact Shirley Lynn.

Shirley Lynn speaks a language that resonates with me. She has the ability to identify with laser accuracy what the issue is and help guide a person to the internal aha that allows you discover the answer for yourself. She creates an atmosphere of safety and ecology that allows deep work to be done in a group setting.

Shirley Lynn’s “Cultivating a Joyful Life” course masterfully teaches the skills and tools required to live mindfully in” health and vital self-care”. You may not love yourself before the course, but you surely will after!

Just wanted to contact you after an amazing couple of days following the course I took with you – I don’t think I have ever accomplished so much without procrastination…it feels great! My personal space is no longer cluttered and I am feeling much more defined in everything I do…I feel much more content and productive. I am even finding time to meditate and focus on my affirmation every morning!!!! My husband has noticed a difference… I am feeling successful and very proud of my ‘clean’ space … Thank you so much for the insight and clarity.

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