Reiki Master/Teacher Degrees
(Shinpiden and Gokuikaiden)

Diamond Degrees Reiki and Soul Coaching Program

Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki Levels One and Two

Students qualify for this level of instruction if they have demonstrated commitment to their personal Reiki practice, have experienced consistently the effects of Reiki in daily life, have reached a certain level of character refinement and understanding, have developed a certain level of sensitivity in their energy healing practice, are ready to commit to a deeper spiritual practice for the purpose of further psycho-spiritual integration.

Reiki Master/Teacher (Level Three) Intensive includes:
  • 30hrs  to 21 hrs over a 3-5 month period. Teacher guidance and support provided throughout
  • Concentration upon in-depth psycho-spiritual integration with the wisdom gained through levels one, two and master levels. Contemplative exploration of Reiki symbols to deepen self-integration and compassion
  • Komyo Reiki Do or Gendai Ho master symbol attunements
  • Learning a process for creating Reiki-infused goals, articulating your life vision of passion and declaring daily intentions through Sacred-Self meditations and contemplative practices
  • Applying psycho-somatic mindfulness to strengthen your openness and receiving of Reiki healing
  • Clarify and articulate your own core principles that become the ‘True North’ that govern your life choices and actions as a Reiki Master
  • Deepen your relationship with Reiki energy, your Reiki Guides and your ‘ways of knowing’ (intuition) as a Reiki channel and practitioner
  • Integrate an ecology of mindful living through practice as a Reiki channel for healing land and property. Healing and Blessings for where we live and all sentient beings. Students learn to gentle their steps upon the land and in Nature
  • Boundaries and self-care – again! Standards and Ethics of Practice and Living. Significant focus on deepening one’s self growth is a daily practice required throughout the training. Radical self care for the heart’s sensitivity and for intuitive perceptions of energy being heightened are learned
  • Clarifying and Discerning your soul purpose and life mission as you build spiritual maturity and deep, soulful living. Apply it to your own wheel of life mandala which focuses your goals and actions steps to live more fully and powerfully your awakening potential
  • Study key qualities a Reiki Master aspires to in your relationships, life and service. Exploring the nature of self-mastery, karmic forgiveness and self-leadership through the Reiki pilgrimage
  • Times of reflection and group process for self-discovery. Benefiting by the group wisdom of Reiki Masters
  • Build skills in applying Reiki techniques to heal conflict and restore harmony in their key relationships. Students are mentored through discussions and insights offered on assignments to expand their understanding of Reiki as a reconciling energy (a way to experience healing and empowerment in Reiki). You will seek to release the barriers of becoming a facilitator of harmony and health
  • Students focus upon their journey that deepens and strengthens the foundations and embodiment of Reiki energy and Reiki state of being in every domain of their lives
  • Students cultivate greater inner peace and simplified lifestyles that give birth to healing and compassionate action to themselves, their families, colleagues and community

As of 2020, I am separating Levels Three & Four.

Goikukaiden Level 4 – There are now pre-requisites to teaching Reiki to others that have been added. If you are interested in teaching Reiki to others, speak to me about these requirements.

The title of Reiki Master/Teacher awarded at this level does not imply that Reiki mastery has been achieved. Reiki masters are simply students who feel called to teach and who continue to learn through teaching. True mastery is the result of a life committed to practice and active engagement in life with Reiki.

The ideals of this Reiki Master/Teacher practice become the work of a lifetime:

“Live in joy, in love,
Even among those who hate.
Live in joy, in health,
Even among the afflicted.
Live in joy, in peace,
Even among the troubled.

Look within, be still,
Free from fear and attachment,
Know the sweet joy of the way.”

(The Buddha)

“Go forth into the world
for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many,
with compassion for the world;
reveal the spiritual life, complete and pure in spirit and in form.”
(The Buddha)