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Spring Maintenance Reminder Notice

This notice is not for your car, it’s for You!

With the melted snow, the return of many birds, the re-emerging of hibernating animals and buds on trees and new plant growth, it is easy to feel and see the many harbingers of spring.

Spring has many messages associated with it regarding upkeep and maintenance of our homes, our bodies (both inside and out) and our communities. Property maintenance crews are in full swing; fitness clubs and diet programs urge us to shed extra weight in preparation for summer clothes and activities; health stores are promoting organ detox/cleansing products; and on it goes.

But how often do we put the same emphasis on rejuvenating our inner selves – evaluating our personal goals and aspirations for 2017 (are you on track?); nurturing our relationships and attending to their healthy growth and maintenance; birthing and attending to our soul’s true purpose and beauty??

I invite you to move your Self up your list of priorities … just like your car or home, you can’t neglect its care and expect it to perform optimally in the long term.

SCHEDULE YOUR SPRING MAINTENANCE TODAY. Book an individual coaching session or series and fine tune your Soul’s Purpose and polish your inner beauty.

At Feathers, Rainbows & Roses, the Spring Maintenance Program utilizes the Wisdom’s Way to Peace System of Life & Spiritual Development. I will integrate the techniques of life coaching, spiritual-ethical direction, life and spiritual awakening coaching, Reiki meditation and healing, energy psychology therapy, energy balancing techniques, and conflict management coaching. And, you will leave each session with Action Steps designed to advance your wellness, happiness and success – ultimately fulfilling your goals and life purpose. Move beyond To-do’s to TA-DA!!

Now that’s what I call a SPRING TUNE-UP!  Call or email me today to get started.

When you are ready to live more courageously, shine brighter, reach higher and become your best self, Feathers, Rainbows & Roses is here for you.

Happy Spring Everyone … and see you soon.