Opening Ourselves to Unseen Possibilities in 2014

Guest Blog by Mary Martin

The recent ice storm and the subsequent power failure created the opportunity for me to colour a mandala. My choice of mandala and colours used were made with little thought – I just began where the colouring book opened.

I had decided to begin in the centre of the mandala and work outward beginning with a soft coloured centre. However, the colour came out stronger than I anticipated. I had no intention of using the strong yellows and oranges that I ended up using. The result actually turned out quite attractive, with the exception of one colour. But what really caught my attention was the overall combination of strong colours – ones I usually am not drawn to. There was nothing “soft” about it!

I have since reflected on this colouring experience and what it might be saying to me. I am aware that changes have been and will be happening in my life due to my recent surgery as well as my retirement.

In light of this, I have been browsing through a book I bought years ago but have never read called Creating a Spiritual Retirement by Molly Srode. I realized this could be important for me to read because of the sub-title “A Guide to the Unseen Possibilities in Our Lives”. In it, she suggests three steps to discover these Unseen Possibilities: “letting go of who we were, finding out who we really are, and connecting with Spirit.” I find myself having conflicting feelings when I imagine myself surrendering to such a process.

I wonder if this is what the strong colours are in some way trying to convey. What about the one colour that didn’t really fit in the overall picture? What is that trying to say? I find that I can relate to this quote by Molly Srode:

“I am standing here looking where I was yesterday.

Around me is time and space.

Will it be a vast and lonely place

Or will I create

A sacred place in which to dwell?”

As I am poised for 2014 this seems to be the challenge that is trying to present itself. Will I embrace it? What happens if I don’t? Why not ‘just start where the page opens’? Maybe as I live the question the answers will come…

I will close with two additional quotes from her book:

“Now is the time to perceive our spiritual dimension – the strong, silent presence of our spirit.”

Now is the time to reflect on our lives and recognize the strength of spirit that has been there.”

You may not be recently retired but I still encourage you to reflect with me how we can, in 2014, “create peaceful relationships and sacred places in which to dwell”. Committing to these ideals will surely bring about the “peace on earth” we have been hearing/singing about this Christmas season. Find the courage to embrace the unseen possibilities in the coming year.

Richest Blessings,