January 2020 Newsletter

New!! Online webinar course

Find a New Path for Your Passion in Life, Rooted in Self Compassion

In this NEW on-line course, we will embrace the practice of Peace Circle (using the Zoom platform). Traditionally, Circles are gatherings in which all participants sit in a circle facing each other to facilitate open, direct communication. Circles provide a safe, supportive space where all group members can talk about sensitive topics, work through differences, and build consensus.

Self compassion, research shows, helps grow our self esteem, our self regard and as such, encourages us to reach towards our passions in life. And it has been shown to be effective in neutralizing shame. Spiritual traditions teach that compassion arises out of loving-kindness; and practising compassion for self and others makes us real human beings.

Topics of this course (as backdrops to the stories we share):
  • What Self Compassion is (and isn’t) and why it is important both as a psychological benefit and as a spiritual practice
  • Exploring the 3 Faces of Compassion (tender, fierce, mischievous) and how these faces are equal expressions in Self Compassion
  • Embodying these 3 Faces of Self Compassion to expand both our sense of safety and courage to love in our life and relationships
  • Examine where self compassion enhances/enriches and creates resilience to live passionately in this chaotic age
  • and more…
What you can expect in this course:
  • Meet monthly (see dates posted) in an on-line format, so you can join from the sacredness of your own home
  • Join a community of spiritually grounded people who want an honest and good way to grow, share and make a difference in their lives
  • Be guided with readings from modern research as well as ancient spiritual texts to stimulate our collective conversation and your personal journey
  • and more…

As the course facilitator, Shirley Lynn Martin brings more than 20 years of experience as a Soul and Life Development Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, whole life therapist and ordained Reverend. She has a very diverse formal (as well as informal) education and has trained in the field of ‘Circle work’ with some of the best trainers in the field. This NEW online course is a culmination of her many years of training, passion, purpose and wisdom.

Online Meeting Dates:  Tuesdays, March 17th, April 14th, May 12th, and  June 9th, 2020   [7:00-8:30pm EST]

Course Fee:  $200.00 plus HST  ($226.00 if paid with e-transfer, cash or check). On-line payment will have an additional surcharge.

Course size will be limited to 10 participants. Register now to secure your spot. Email Shirley Lynn for additional information and to register.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Monthly Reiki Practice Nights

First Tuesday of every month. All levels of Reiki practitioners are welcome.


Reiki Level One (3 days)

Are you needing a self healing practice of self calm, self care, of self balance and grounding?

Are you needing a meditation practice that enhances true self development, that awakens a universal connection to loving-kindness and compassion, that replenishes energetic flow and vitality?

Take this golden opportunity to begin your path to self-healing and spiritual development with Reiki. Awaken to its power and mystery. Deepen your journey by joining an active community of supportive and like-minded fellow seekers and Reiki practitioners.

Friday & Saturday March 27 & 28th and Saturday April 4th, 2020  [9:30am-4:30pm]


Reiki Level Two (3 Days)

Similar to Level One, you will have theory time, conversation and question time, table time, learning new meditations and techniques, as well as the Level Two Attunement.

In Level Two, you will be learning symbols to help you understand the nature and flow of different kinds of energy and what is needed to restore balance and vitality of body, mind, spirit. As well, we will be learning how to do long distance healing (across time and space). This second level includes case study work and feedback in preparation to offering it professionally.

Friday & Saturday July 10 & 11th and Saturday July 25th [9:30am-4:30pm]


Reiki Master & Soul Coaching Program

Students qualify for this level of instruction if they have demonstrated commitment to their personal Reiki practice, have experienced consistently the effects of Reiki in daily life, have reached a certain level of character refinement and understanding, have developed a certain level of sensitivity in their energy healing practice, are ready to commit to a deeper spiritual practice for the purpose of further psycho-spiritual integration.

This Reiki Master/Teacher (Level Three and Four) Intensive includes 30+ hours in-class time over 6-8 months plus monthly assignments, reading and practice sessions with other students each week over a 8-10 month period. Teacher guidance and support provided throughout.

First class: Saturday February 22, 2020 [9:30am-4:30pm]


The Self Kindness Response: Boundaries for Healthy & Joyful Living (2 Days)

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood, taken advantage of, uncared for and want to learn and practise how to say yes or no in ways that feel right for you? Do you struggle with setting boundaries that are kind yet firm? Are you ready to let go of longstanding feelings of hurt and resentment and choose instead ‘inner happiness’? As a highly sensitive person, do you find yourself picking up on other people’s emotional or energetic ‘stuff’? Are you ready to exercise greater loving-kindness in your self care?

If you can relate to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

Mark your calendars now…

Friday & Saturday September 25 & 26th, 2020  [9am-4pm]