Is Your 2013 Focus Worthy of the Best You?

Carlie and I have just become part of a ‘team’ of people and dogs who will be doing the half-time show at the College Royal at the University of Guelph in March. Most of us are all newbies to this ‘show’ experience and many of us are first time handlers at this more advanced level. So both Carlie and I are learning games and skills alongside Mastiffs, Boxers, Labs, a Corgie, a beagle mix and Shepherds… a motley crew of handlers with our good-looking dogs.
This experience is a blessing in disguise and one organized by the Universe without my conscious participation. I missed one class on account of Carlie hacking up burrs and then the next week I find out that all class members had apparently agreed to this event. A bit surprised, I inquired into the nature of what we will be expected to do and find out that we will each be handling our dogs through skills and games to a large audience. I grin inwardly and think, ‘nice one Universe. You snuck that one by me.’
So this past week, we talked about each dog’s temperament and how that will play out in the way we train for the show. We discussed what to do when our dogs ‘go off script’. As we started to train for ‘musical mats’, I realized an untapped part of me is being called forth. Ironically(?) my own theme word that arose from completing my Living JOY-Fully in 2013 working guide is ‘inner strength’ and here was a way to test a different sort of inner strength than my old model. I look forward to experiencing my own evolution in this adventure!
As you get real clear on your own new focus for this year, make sure it is indeed worthy of the best you. Invite this new focus to call forward untapped strengths and self love that shines the light ready to burst from those inner pockets of your soul. And if you need to, like the story of last week’s blog, dig a little deeper, and find the focus that is truly worthy of you. And if you are stuck,  my new Wisdom’s Way to ‘Right with the Light’: Living JOY-Fully in 2013 will help you find your ‘right movement’ again. It is now conveniently available for purchase online. As one person shared with me who completed it said she discovered her theme for the year—collaboration:

“I finished up your work book Shirley. It is fantastic! My big breakthrough was the amount of clarity I received on what I need to do this year. Your thought provoking questions allowed me to dig deep and receive the answers I needed to move forward on my goals. I also realized a big thing that was missing from my life and business–collaboration! Thank you Shirley for providing this opportunity to begin the transformation process :)”

Thanks Gretchen and blessings of focused and transformative success for each of you this year. 