The Joy of Digging…

dig deepA while back I found a card with a picture of a dog who was happily digging and the dirt was flying out the back. Not that this is a novel experience for me – I get to witness this activity several times a week with the dogs I regularly spend time with. But what I really liked about the card was the saying on the inside – Keep Digging. I have never given the card to anyone (I guess I bought it for myself) and I ponder its message every so often.

Keep Digging. It is particularly relevant for me right now as I set my goals and vision on 2013 and beyond. What that digging dog exudes is complete joy, even within the intensity of his search. I presume he is as committed to uncovering and zeroing in on his ultimate goal as my dogs are. Typically the goal needs to be approached from multiple angles to find the most effective and strongest approach. Or perhaps the ‘scent’ of the goal changes slightly as one keeps digging so as we get closer to our goal, a slightly different angle may keep it fresh and within our sights.

The intensity ebbs and flows as the dig continues (perhaps this is necessary to maintain momentum and manage one’s energy to complete the task). But always there is joy – within the digging process itself, but also in finally attaining the intended and hard-won goal.

I am reminded that the hard digging that is often required to achieve our goals should always be joyful. Not that there isn’t ever any pain involved (sore and strained muscles, broken toes and nails, bath, etc) but the experience of going after something with our entire being should definitely increase our joy quotient. If it doesn’t, is it really worth expending all our energies on?

Shirley Lynn has put together a wonderful tool aptly entitled Wisdom’s Way to JOY-Full Living in 2013 to help you dig deeper into your own life purpose and vision. She is generously offering this workbook free to everyone who schedules a session with her in January. Together you can get your ‘goal/hole’ started. Uproot some old turf. Dig deeply with absolute commitment and joy. The end result will be worth it.   ~Lucy