Doing What I Love Gentles My Way

Last fall I took a course on Spiritual Leadership with appreciative way principles guiding our learning. One of the first questions we were asked was ‘who do we depend upon for your success?’ At first it seemed a strange question, but I quickly named a list of people including my clients. The facilitator explained that if we are not depending upon anyone, then we are not leading anyone either. In that moment, I felt deep gratitude for the creative and diverse ways that people support me in fulfilling my sense of purpose and mission in the world.

We were then asked to introduce ourselves to the group using these profound yet simple questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Where are you?
  • What do you do there?
  • What do I love to do in my work?

I previously wrote about the highest point of contribution that we can make and the paradoxical challenge that comes with success if we don’t recognize where and when to say the right YES which empowers us to say the right NO. In really getting clear on what I love to do, what really delights me, and then sharing it with a group of new people, I realized that having the right support gentles my way. When I hire or invite others to do what they really love to do, what delights them and are good at, I am freed to concentrate on my own strengths and gifts. I can explore new possibilities and potential in who I am or what I can offer. This changes where I am and what I do and perhaps even opens up new possibilities and ventures. I see this happening in my relationship and training with Carlie. So too in the Peace Circles I am offering with my colleague Karen.

I have shared previously my focus theme this year is inner strength. What is coming to me is my inner strength is simply and yet profoundly about asking the ‘right’ people who delight in what they do, to help me. The path eases and I can walk more gently upon the Earth and in my relationships. I reduce the stress and anxiety of not being able to accomplish what I know lives inside me. I eliminate the stress in relationships because I am distracted with all that needs to be done. The work is shared. The joy is shared. And the success is shared.

You may not think of yourself as a leader; however, you are the only one who can lead your life. No one else can really and fully decide for you how to live your purpose in the world. No one can really tell you who you have the potential to be in the evolution of your transformations. That comes as a result of you leading the way with your heart. You may of course invite good, trustworthy and loving support to gentle your way. It is how we are meant to live – in collaboration, in interdependence, in community, in circle. Our nervous systems are designed that way. The oldest and wisest spiritual traditions from around the world understand the power of this way. Doing what we love gentles our way because we call forth the best in those around us to collaboratively support the highest good in all of us.

So as you delve into and condition your mind for your own new focus for 2013, how do you answer the questions above? Who are your supports? Does your new focus gentle your path? For a useful tool in finding your ‘right focus’ consider the Wisdom’s Way to Right with the Light: Joy-Fully Living in 2013. I compiled this brief workbook to focus your efforts and gentle your way. I trust you will find it helpful. Blessed be.