Whispers of the Holy

A large and warm welcome to all of you in this inauguration of Feathers, Rainbows & Roses’ website and inspiration page. The journey to complete this website has been one of listening to the whispers. The artists involved, Donna Kwasnicki and Robert Blonski, patiently awaited the whispers and flashes of cosmic inspiration to capture most simply the vision and purpose of what my soul desires to teach and share.

Coming to the deeper thresholds of our lives is often a frightening and daunting undertaking for our minds. Our minds tend to see only the scars of the battles fought and the wounds of our wars that yet remain. Long ago, deep in our subconscious, we have decided we would never agree to such a war again and so we haven’t agreed. And yet, somehow, we have not fully dismantled the leftover artillery rusting away in the old battlefields within. Every time we visit, in mourning, this battlefield of long ago, we step back in time to the memories of brokenness, betrayal and pain.

In our desire to change the past, we come back to it again and again. We meet God or Spirit in our looking back and discover heaven’s honouring of all our pain. But what is truly honoured in the heavens of our battlefields?

When the whispers of the holy come knocking on your heart to honour your battlefield, and they will, listen deeply and feel the stirrings of your soul. A threshold awaits you. Many times we have turned toward the battlefield of our mind and have only seen what we have always seen of the battlefield within. We continue in the same ways of understanding our experiences as we did before. We cling to an identity of ourselves that was borne out of our experience. In our sheer dedication and loyalty to this identity, we may even romance it as the one and only for our lives.

It’s in the whispers of the holy and in the persistent gentle nudges that we are lead over the threshold into a clearing of wisdom’s glory. The whispers of the holy ask us to see the soul’s wisdom of our experiences and to honour the wisdom that we have gained. The whispers invite us to open our arms and embrace the next truth in our path and to consider the evolution of our inner identity beyond the pain of the battlefield.

For wherever there is pain, there must also be joy. They are opposites that become one only after we have crossed the threshold that lies in the middle. It is a simple design, a simple action of the soul, like stepping from one side of a teeter totter to the other. Yet, finding our new ground is a journey where the whispers of the holy gently guides and loves us across the middle point, that once had been our inner balance. It is a risk for many of us, a risk we take to trust the love that stirs our souls.

We risk crossing into joy because the whispers of the holy have loved us in the raw places and in the worn, tired places of our hearts. The whispers of the holy persisted to find our hearts no matter the chaos of our thoughts. They awakened bit by bit the deep hunger within us to know our own holiness, to know our own cornucopia of joy. It is a soul hunger for holiness to which these whispers of the holy gently enlighten us, far deeper than even our mindful wanting.

In this season of Light and celebration of the birth of our True Self, Marzie and I invite you to listen deeply and with dedication to the whispers of the holy. Let your heart feel the love and peace as your soul stirs and dances to the whispers of the holy, reminding you daily of your own sanctity.
©Shirley Martin
Marzie adds her exuberance and love to have a happy holiday!