The Journey to Blooming Vibrantly

We have been incredibly gifted with gorgeous weather this past week in southern Ontario. The daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom and the air quality is marvellous (except for those who experience pollen allergies). Each year I marvel at the genius of flowers to poke through the awakening soil and begin their journey toward painting the world with vibrant and brilliant perfumes and colour. There is something about flowers that restore hope and faith in the goodness of life for me. They restore hope in the possibility of living my potential because they do it every season.

Remember the 4th ingredient of hope? “We must create a good plan outlining the resources needed and how we use them.

So I listened to the daffodils, hyacinths and budding tulips about the function and structure of a good plan. In my watching and listening to these flowers over this past week, I noticed the structure and function of the questions they live to answer.

  1. Who am I? The response is “I am Spirit incarnate as daffodil”.  Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Where am I? Again a simple response: “In the present moment.”
  3. What do I love? Response: “to be alive and healthy and bloom. To be as purple or white or yellow as I can be! To spread happiness.”
  4. What blesses my life? An obvious response: “Rain, sun (energy), good nutrients, a balanced ecosystem, even the rest time of winter.”
  5. Why must I live now? “To help the Earth and all her relations heal.”
  6. What is the ultimate gratitude? “That Great Spirit is and moves and loves and is the Source of all our being!”
  7. How do I bloom? Last question and last response: “I ask for what I need. With gratitude and humility, I seek the wisdom of my community (bio-diversity) to help me grow. Finally, I answer the call to awaken and bloom in alignment with the answers to all of the other questions.”

It will take me some time to ponder this wisdom of the spring flowers as it is not what I had anticipated focusing upon in my blog about creating a good plan and outlining our resources to accomplish it. What I do realize, however, is that the function of a good plan provides answers to good questions! The structure of a good plan is to help us achieve our hope … to bloom in the fullness of our beauty and who we are destined to be!

As you look at what you hope for this spring and beyond, as well as your plan about what resources you need and how you will use these resources to accomplish your preferred future, what are the underlying questions you are answering? Are they good questions? Are they useful? What answers will you likely get to these underlying questions? Will these answers be ones that allow you to bloom vibrantly?

As a Soul Coach, I see that my purpose is to support people in living their potential, to bloom vibrantly from one’s soul, one’s inner core and light. I help people to listen to the voice of wisdom within and to discover both the questions that matter to the heart as well as their path to the answers. As clients discover this partnership where the path of wisdom and compassion to our life’s hopes and dreams is witnessed and shared by another, both coach and client enrich our lives and our learning. As you journey into your blooming this spring, find yourself a soul witness to help you create a good plan that answers the great questions of your heart and live your hope!!