Celebrating Our Earth and Us (Part Two)

“Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark.” (Anonymous)

As our dogs Carlie and Rayna happily romp about on our morning excursions, taking in the spring air and a bubbling up of new life, I too have been reflecting on and absorbing the positive attitude and actions which real hope evokes. The emerging blooms here in Southern Ontario make it easier to engage in this attitude and action of hope.
Last week in my blog I identified 4 ingredients of hope. This week I want to invite conversation about the last two ingredients of a new vision of our Earth:
3. We are to cultivate inner confidence that, collectively, we can accomplish this vision.
4. We must create a good plan outlining the resources needed and how we use them.
The birds I have been paying attention to this past week are confident the dawn and day will arrive. They start to sing BEFORE it becomes light. In fact, hearing the birds is a signal to me that dawn is about to come and I need to gently wake up my body and begin my meditation and self healing practice. I realized that birds singing prior to the dawn is so ordinary, so common of an experience for me that if I didn’t hear it, I would wonder what is imminent! Yet, in this ordinary experience of life, I am reminded of a most profound revelation. Nature has confidence in the unfolding of Life and in Her own potential for well-being which She joyfully sings about even before it has arrived!
This confidence She displays is not random; rather, it is consistent and practised daily in the song of the bird, in the going to bed of our nocturnal cat Taz, that morning has broken through the dark once again. Nature models for us daily the kind of hope and confidence that is necessary and accessible for us to create a new vision for our lives and for the Earth, even though it is still ‘dark’. We simply need to practise the attitudes and actions of hope!
The last ingredient is that we need to create a good plan outlining the resources needed. In the month of May we will be exploring more of this topic through the idea of ‘blooming and developing into our maturity.” For this current week, I invite you to explore and be open to the confidence you see expressed in Nature, a hope that the vision of the day will come to pass, for example. Real hope is not wishful or fantasy thinking. It calls us to sink deeply into the belly of Source and have confidence that what is good and blessed will come to bloom, all in good time!