Practical Grace: Walking Forward into 2010

Imagine a mother hearing her newborn baby making googling noises for the first time while she was across the room attending to another task. Now imagine her deciding to go to this infant and share with this infant her deep and profound love for this child in this incredible moment. However, instead of moving toward the child face first and in a forward motion, she backed toward the child fearing that what she was hearing was not real or that the googling would stop by the time she got there.


Imagine a father coaching his son or daughter to play a musical instrument from a perspective of his own musical failures, relegating his successes as inconsequential and irrelevant to the coaching of this child here and now.

These might seem like rather ridiculous scenarios and yet how often do we back into our future, fearing the worst outcome. How often do we grasp only to the LEAST of what we did instead of the MOST of what we did or the MOST of who we are? Our internal models of the way we perceive and take action in the world often determine the kind of world we either create and/or experience.

At the beginning of this year, we talked about it being an 11 year and what that meant (see archives to gain a point of reference). Throughout the year we kept the question in front of us about which path are we choosing, that of our true nature and our joy and peace or the status quo and habitual path that leads to our depletion, illness and overall stagnation in mind, body and spirit. These latter states of being create anger, frustration, depression, fear-mongering, pain and suffering and unresolvable grief.

I find it fascinating that after such a year of choice of what path you decided to take and live, this next year in 2010 is a 3 in numerology. For me, the energy or DIVINE INTENTION of 3 is all about sunshine, creativity, motivation and when at its best the inspiration to express and communicate yourself more expansively and joyfully.

What does this have to do with how we approach 2010? If the Universal energies are bringing us the vibrations of all that the energy of 3 represents and we walk toward this year backing in or only focusing on the past failures, we will miss the opportunity to truly experience the gift of this energy or perhaps Divine Intention for our hearts in this year.

If we return to the earlier scenarios, the baby would see and experience the mother’s joy and the bond and internal mechanism of self worth and confidence would be fed in the infant and the joy in the mother’s heart be exponentially intensified. The father would gratefully and joyfully share the beauty of the music when he was at his best, making it possible for his child to discover the art and power of music as well. These are the most powerful moments of self-expression that transform ourselves and those with whom we are in relationship or communication.

Practical Grace means that we walk forward in our lives, LOVINGLY! It means we release the fears so that Grace can break into our awareness and offer us a perspective that allows us to experience and find the sunshine. Perhaps we have not been able to walk into our future lovingly because we haven’t known the skills of self-expression and communication that lead to joyful and peaceful or outcomes that resolve conflict, that further our goals, that forgive wrongs and right relationships and that deepen our intimacy with ourselves and God/Goddess/Sacred.

As you move toward 2010, turn to FACE it if you haven’t already. Then look at what skills and goals you have that affirm and support this new path of truth you have chosen this year. What resources do you have to take with you into 2010 to get the most benefit out of all that this year of sunshine, motivation and self-expression and communication energy offers? If you back into 2010, you will struggle because your vision is skewed, invisible and psychologically unattainable. For you will in essence be facing 2009 or earlier. We won’t be there. It’s now closing. Turn around. Shift your perspective. Change your consciousness and get going toward that which sustains your happiness and health and inner peace. Communicate your vision somehow and find an extraordinary way to begin the path to express your TRUE SELF with the most sunshine you can!

Marzie and I want to wish you an extraordinary season of love, light and charity for all your family, friends and community. For many we know your family and community extends globally and so our blessing reaches out that deep as well.

Love and sunshine blessings!!
©Shirley Lynn Martin