Peaceful Relationships: Why We Value Them

If you are like me,

  • You know the value of having relationships that give to us and nurture us because they feel harmonious, calm, balanced and honest.
  • You deeply appreciate and value relationships where you can be authentic and share who you are without hiding or shrinking away the essence of your soul.
  • You love and deeply value the experience of joy and laughter that relationships of ease can foster!  These are the deeply valued relationship experiences of connection.

Sometimes these relationships are gifts and come naturally. However, even the best of relationships call us into self assessment and growth. Most of us have learned about relationships through the trials and errors of life. Some of the relationships most intimate to us can become the biggest catalysts for awakening to our truer and whole self.

In this new year, we want to focus on how to create these peaceful relationships as well as communication skills, personal growth benefits, identity dynamics, mechanics of listening, boundaries of connection and spiritual practices. These will enhance who we are in our relationships and how we show up to the bonds and heart relationships that matter most to us. Rarely does a magic pill or the application of a onetime technique create the long term success of peaceful relationships. On-going commitment, communication, curiosity, compassion and empathy, acceptance, forgiveness and other choices of healing connection are essential.

One of the gifts I have experienced in creating peaceful relationships is being able to design the kind of relationships I would love to show up to and how I would love for others to show up to me. Dreaming and designing our vision for relationships is an essential part of designing a plan to improve our relationships. We need to foster intentional design, commitment and action to create the best possible opportunities for peaceful relationships. We need to discover the best in our present relationships and learn from the failures in our relationships.

When we learn from the failure in our relationships, we can sift through the grief and losses which inevitably become the residue of these failures – and awaken to the insights we need to integrate into our lives. What is considered ‘best’ and what has been experienced as ‘failure’ must all be integrated within in order to understand and make true conscious steps to creating peaceful relationships.

Just as we plan and develop goals for our career, our health, our investments, we also need to invest the same kind of creative energy into the quality and expression of our relationships. We are hard-wired to be in relationship and without them, we will experience a ‘failure to thrive’. But we can choose to grow and evolve so we can know the joy and blessing of peaceful relationships.

I believe so strongly in the power and harmony of peaceful relationships that I have compiled Wisdom’s Way to Creating Peaceful Relationships: Your 2014 Working Guide. This is a wonderful resource to guide you to this better way of being and relating.

This book is designed to take you through a process of  reflection, dreaming and learning in a very supportive way. You begin on a journey of remembering and discovering what has been the best and the worst of times in your relationships. With these insights and desires ‘in front of you’, you will then be prepared to design your goals and personal action plan to create the peaceful relationships you have envisioned.

Why do I need this guide book? What will I get out of it?

Wisdom’s Way to Creating Peaceful Relationships: Your 2014 Working Guide promises:

  • Clarity in where your relationships are helpful and healthy;
  • Better Understanding of what you need and want from your relationships;
  • Enriched boundaries of connection in your relationship;
  • Improvement in the quality of engagement, presence and connection with those that matter most;
  • New Meaning is given to losses and failures, turning them into empathic insights about what you will do differently next time;
  • Focus for your attention, intention and love on a vision that captures your heart and soul (because we thrive when our relationships are meaningful, secure and connected);
  • Multiple Avenues of Support to help you along the way – for the times when you get stuck or need extra support to open your creative inspiration about how you can improve your relationships.
      • A free 20 minute coaching session is included at any point in your process when you need extra support

This is just what I have been looking for. How Do I Get Started?

  1. You can start today. Wisdom’s Way to Creating Peaceful Relationships: Your 2014 Working Guide is just a click away. Get the e-book version for only $13 (tax included).
  2. Wisdom’s Way to Creating Peaceful Relationships: Your 2014 Working Guide is also available for purchase at the office. Ask Shirley for your copy. Print versions are $15 (tax included).
  3. Wisdom’s Way to Creating Peaceful Relationships: Your 2014 Working Guide isfree when you purchase a Wisdom Plan Soul Coaching Package as part of your regular whole life therapy and coaching journey.
      • You might also consider using this Working Guide as the focus for your sessions with Shirley Lynn.

So what are you waiting for?

Every journey begins with the first step. You and those who matter to you most will be grateful that you took it.

For additional information about this Guide Book and what it can do for you, please call or email Shirley Lynn today.