WOW! Our Peace Circle series starts next week!

We have entered into a new era with growing differences between how we have related in love in the past and how we now are being called to generate relationships of love rooted in our own inner peace. This is a big shift and it demands new ways of seeing who we are and how we fulfil our needs. A key way of being supported in this new era is through the shared wisdom within the community of Peace Circles.

Shirley Lynn and Karen invite you to imagine the all new adventures waiting for you once you realize you are loved unconditionally and connected to all that empowers your dream.

Join the Circle and be fulfilled with the transforming love you deserve!

Starting on Tuesday, February 26th, Feathers, Rainbows & Roses will be offering a 4-Part Series on Opening to Grace. Each month we will gather in Circle and explore our topic through story, sharing and teaching. As co-facilitators, Shirley Lynn Martin and Karen McCarthy are excited to be offering this inaugural event.

The Peace Circle Series – Opening to Grace:

Connection, Acceptance & Wealth of Love

What you can expect and what we expect:

  • Each evening a Peace Circle will be facilitated during which a topic is explored through story and teaching
  • Each Circle you will be given 2 journal questions to guide you in your weekly journaling between Peace Circles
  • On the second week between Circles you will connect with another Circle member to share your insights and progress of your self-designed actions based on the journal questions of that month. You and your partner will use the guidelines and talking piece components of Circle we use in our gathered time
  • Spot coaching for extra support will be available from Karen and Shirley Lynn.

What you will gain and the needs that will be met:

  • Real experiences of the power of Circle to heal and deepen your inner growth
  • New ways to think about what you really need and how to design your life in love
  • A safe place to discover the wisdom of your own life narrative
  • Experience the power of your voice as a leader of your own life and in community
  • The gift of appreciative accountability.

 “Each time I have gathered in circle I have been blown away by the power of this ancient practice to shift, heal and transform. Circle is a space where we can authentically join together, bringing our “whole” selves and have our voices equally valued and shared. Together we tap into the collective wisdom and shared purpose and what happens is so much more than we could have imagined alone.”  Karen McCarthy

The first time I experienced Circle in a Native community, I knew some part of me found a home. Ever since, I come into circle and some part of me relaxes, knowing that all is well simply because Circle has gathered and so the truth will be told…safely. When I first started training in facilitating Circle, I knew a part of me had also found my professional home. Now, I am here to share this gift of Sacred Wisdom so you can discover your truth, safely, and find a home in the community that gathers. From there, I hope your peace can find an anchor as you journey out into your world as it did for me.  Blessed be.”  Shirley Lynn Martin

 Come and join us in this 4-part Peace Circle Series!

Tuesday, February 26th 7-9:30pm  Opening the Circle and Opening to Grace

Tuesday, March 26th 7-9:30pm  Opening to Grace: Connections that Inspire

Tuesday, April 23rd 7-9:30pm  Opening to Grace: Self Acceptance that Beautifies

Tuesday, May 21st 7-9:30pm  Opening to Grace:Wealth of Love that Delights and Closing the Circle

Cost: $275.00 plus HST (payment reserves your spot)

To register, contact Shirley Lynn at 519-886-7632 or