Deepening our Self Acceptance is an Act of Faith, part 2

As I wrote last week, I found my soul escorting me out the door of my addiction counselling job, following the Reiki guidance I was clearly given.  Step by step I began to implement what it would take for me to start this new path. I devoted my whole effort to this path.

Shortly thereafter, I attended a circle with a woman native elder and during the circle we were each given a stone, a message from Creator. Mine said, Obedience. I wanted to throw my stone out the window, but instead I put it on the windowsill and surrendered to all that was in my life at the time. I accepted where I was, who I was and my soul path. Success would come in surrendering control of how I thought my soul needed to walk this Earth life.

Deep self acceptance is not about selfish, trite acts of ‘loving myself’ and ignoring or denying another’s life. Self acceptance is a radical act of faith that I am more than I imagine. It awakens the inner truth that I am divine and delightful to the Creator. Deep self acceptance tells me I have a purpose to fulfill in my life and all that is needed will be given to realize this purpose. Deep self acceptance compels me to take an honest inventory about who and where I am in relation to my soul path, my soul lessons and challenges, purpose and evolutions that is the life I really need to live.

Eighteen years later my life is radically different and yet ironically, similar to the core values I have always cherished. As you explore your 2013 theme and dreams, you may be discovering you need to accept who you are which may radically or gently call you into new ways of living your life and the boundaries you create with the most important people in your life. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. It means that in your journey to accept the whole of who you are more deeply, you need to stop the screaming in your body and listen to whispers of a life purpose you have been afraid to claim.

Self acceptance is often an act of faith that is multiplied in the collaborative and co-creative relationship of a witness. This witness becomes our subconscious ‘evidence’ that it is okay and good to accept ourselves as we are in this moment. I faced a lot of fears along the way (and still do). But in the co-creative dynamic presence of trusted witnesses, a new momentum towards something more joyful and fulfilling unfolded. I wish that for all of you. I am honoured to offer that safe and collaborative ‘space’ to witness your journey to deeper self acceptance, transforming your fear. The world needs it of you and the Divine will delight in your discovery and radiance in your acceptance of who you are and ‘what is’ in your moment.