Letting Go and Letting Come

I was just reading a e-newsletter which featured a section on the element of Metal (Autumn). This time of year frequently is associated with letting go (of waste, impurities, toxins, the old and stale in our lives). How many of you recall having to houseclean in the fall, ridding the home of dust and leftover debris in preparation for the long winter months ahead? Perhaps some of you still do…

On the personal level, this is a time of year that many of us also pursue detoxification – clearing our selves of toxins, pollutants, regrets, outcomes, as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual garbage. Like the trees who shed their brilliant leaves each fall, we too need to shed what no longer serves us. If you consider what can happen to a tree that doesn’t shed its leaves, it makes it much more vulnerable to the ravages of winter (heavy snow, ice and wind can break even the strongest of trees).

Letting go is not necessarily an easy thing to do. It can be frightening. What will happen if I don’t continue to hang on to my current identity or role? If I let go of what no longer serves me (but is still what is comfortable and normal for me), where will I end up? What fills the void of that which I let go? Will that be better than my here and now?

What stood out for me in this article was the concept of letting go and letting come. Ridding ourselves of what no longer serves a useful purpose in our lives and replacing it with something else. This implies an openness and acceptance to what lies ahead, even if we don’t have a clear picture of what that is. But first we need to clear the debris away for a pure new space to emerge.

I am reminded of a wonderful book called The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia. Freddie learns about his purpose as a leaf on a tree. As the seasons change, he is faced with the fear and uncertainty of having to let go and leave the tree. What will happen to him? How will he feel? What happens after? In the end, Freddie realizes that by letting go he is also letting come whatever lies ahead. This is what faith is – being willing to let go even without a clear assurance of what is to come.

[Note: The book is beautifully illustrated and a worthwhile purchase. You can also find the story at http://achievebalance.com/spirit/theleaf.htm.]

As the seasons demonstrate, there is often a winter of sorts between the autumn of letting go and the  emergence of spring. Perhaps we need to live for a time without what we let go of (and heal) before we can truly move forward with strength and vigour into the new.

I invite all of you to evaluate your homes/lives/bodies and clean out what no longer serves a useful purpose for you. There are many resources available to help you in this process so you don’t have to do it by yourself. Hire a cleaning service for a day or two. Purchase a good detox system for your body. And seek help from professionals like Shirley Lynn who can help you to let go and to let come. Call or email today and get started!

Submitted by Lucy Martin