Self Care: Opening your Heart to Peace

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks or months where everything seems to come at once – when life seems to be offering you the full menu of challenges? And you wonder what it all means?

This past month, significant decisions and life matters were put on my plate, offerings from the Universe that allowed me to practise everything I invite people to consider and practise for themselves. I have been reminded of the hidden gifts of these times in life when we are suddenly invited into a very interesting dance.

What does self care look like when the demands of my work and key relationships all need my attention … now? How do my own needs get attended to when life offers a scenario in which relationships that matter deeply require immediate attention simultaneously to professional development and transitions which cannot be left unattended?

As the month unfolded, I quickly became aware of needing to focus my energy on what mattered most right now and to let the rest be attended to later or be delegated. I knew quickly what I most deeply value and where I would choose to focus my life force energy when there is only so much of me to go around.

Core spiritual practices of grounding, centring and meditation, contemplative listening to Divine Guidance all started, centred and ended my days. The Universe is very economical in its creative flow and manifestations, so I aligned myself to that concentrated power of higher consciousness and love and remained disciplined in this alignment.

I remained focused on the calm seas that surely will return, when the transitions and cares for renewed health will return in some form or another. I affirmed to myself that I am loved and cared for and this love and care will flow to me in many forms, from unexpected as well as expected people and places. So for today, I open my heart and ground in the Infinite Peace that all is well.

I acknowledged to myself, first and foremost, that this is a big month. I was clear with myself that I cannot pretend I can do this alone. I invoked the grace of Reiki to assist me to calm, ground and focus on the responsibilities of the day. I asked for support and help from trusted friends, family, colleagues and mentors. I delegated several tasks to others. Asking for help is a gracious act of self care and I’m so glad I can love myself enough to ask for help in the ways I need to have peace in my heart.

Simple steps and yet this self care required my self-honesty, asking for help, receiving love and support, allowing myself to be vulnerable, trusting that I had the resilience and resources to accomplish all that was necessary, sticking to what was most important and not wasting life force energy on what was not of vital importance to my heart in the moment and most of all my daily spiritual practices. With that, I could continue to find my clarity, my peace and to sustain my joy regardless of what life presented me.

When we walk consciously in our lives, self care is not a luxury; rather, it is a necessity that supports the illumination of our heart’s real passion and well-being on all levels.

What is your picture of self care? What are your daily practices of self care? How does your spiritual practice encourage self care as an ethic towards compassion and peace for all? I invite you to share with me your experiences, your thinking and your goals of self care.