Lessons From My Garden

As I see it there are two ways to garden – when I choose to and when I have to. The meaningful life lessons tend to happen when I am choosing to garden, or more accurately, “putzing” around. Let me share some thoughts from a one of those experiences…

One beautiful day in the early spring I was digging around when I inadvertently dug up some tulip bulbs I had planted in the fall. A good gardener would have marked the spot but remember, I am “putzing.” As I was trying to carefully replace them I came across one bulb that I had mistakenly planted upside down. Instead of giving up and dying this resourceful bulb pushed down against the odds until it had enough growth so that it could make a turn and push up toward the light and on its way to becoming the tulip it was meant to be.

Herein is the lesson for me that day…

For the tulip to become the wonder it is meant to be it must be planted in the dark soil and be there for some time to develop the resources it needs to “become”. Sometimes I too must enter the darkness before “becoming” and the tulip has shown me/reminded me that the darkness need not be feared but trusted. The darkness may be the place or time I need to rest, to prepare for the coming forth, the blooming. What struck most that day was that the obstacles that may present themselves are just that, obstacles. I can choose to give up and die or I can push against the odds. I may bloom later than the others that were planted at the same time but I will bloom in my own time.

In my own experience trusting the darkness and not fearing the obstacles seem to be ongoing challenges. But seeing the daffodils and tulips starting to bloom remind me to trust the process. I invite you too to push beyond the obstacles in your path as you grow into the Light and “become” your best self in your own time.

May the blooms of Spring cheer you on!

submitted by Mary Martin