Hope Abounds in the Spring!

Today the sun is shining, the air feels warmer, buds and shoots are emerging all over the place, and  the birds are busy with their spring preparations. There’s a quickening and a lightness in the nature of this season’s activities.

For me [Lucy], the hope of Spring has extra significance this year because there is a new being and energy in my life in the form of a 3-month old Rottweiler puppy. In many ways Rayna epitomizes for me all that Spring is about – patience, growth, activity, and optimism.

Patience that necessary skills and behaviours will happen in due time. Growth that is stimulated and supported by a balance of nutrients, sun, fresh air and water. Activity appropriate to the individual’s development to build strength, flexibility and vitality. And optimism that she will develop into the vibrant and engaging dog that I envision her to be.

In thinking and dreaming about what I want and hope for Rayna and our relationship, I have come to realize that hope on its own is just wishing. To bring hope to life, it needs to be nurtured on a daily basis. I think hope is about drawing the future into the present in that the future picture requires specific actions and goals to make it a reality.

So for Rayna, my action steps include providing good nutrition, health care, appropriate exercise and activity, a sense of security and belonging within her family, as well as social enrichment and training that will help her to adapt well to her larger world. To not take these steps, leaves my hopes for Rayna at great likelihood of not being realized.

What I have not done yet but now realize is important, is to write down my hopes and dreams for Rayna and myself. Where are we going? What action steps are important to help us get there? What milestones will be significant in helping me to recognize that we are on the right path (or that there are changes that need to happen)?

Does this sound familiar to those of you who have planned for a specific goal or hope in your life?

It doesn’t really matter what the hope is that you are striving toward – what’s important is the plan of action for this journey. A useful resource [Wisdom’s Way to ‘Right with the Light’: Living JOY-Fully] that Shirley Lynn has compiled is available for purchase on her website. It guides you through the steps of identifying your hopes and dreams, developing a plan and bringing them into reality. So take the time to think about and write down what you hope for. Write down what you need to do to get there and then put it into action. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes along the way!

Right now, I am grateful that Rayna has accepted my expectation that she sleep in her crate for the entire night. A big success in less than a week! Another expectation is that she only pees outside – still in negotiations. HERE’S HOPING!!

by Lucy Martin