Grace and Life Purpose: A Way through the Inner Conflict

We are already half way through 2009, this eleven year—the year of choosing your true path. What path are you actually living? Is it the path you said you want to live at the beginning of the year? Is it the path of purpose that gives you joy and meaning in your life? Is there peace in your heart on this path? Does this path reflect your life purpose?

The dictionary defines purpose as ‘a RESULT which it is desired to obtain and which is kept in mind in performing an action.’ To live ‘on purpose’ is to live with intention, with consciousness. So to live our life purpose is to live in a way that we experience and intentionally obtain the results by living the actions aligned with our life purpose!

Are the choices and actions you are taking manifesting results in alignment with your life purpose? Is your life purpose shining through your actions and results you are experiencing?

What we can never escape in this human endeavour we are all living are the paradoxes and polarities of existence. We live with constant polarity and paradox. Paradox as defined by the dictionary means ‘a statement which though true, seems false and self contradictory.’ Polarity defined is ‘the state of having one or other of two opposite polar conditions.’ We are constantly living in a state of polar opposites of realities of truth that contradict each other, whether we like it or not.

In other words, the clearer we are about what we want and take steps toward what we want, we will attract the likeness of results to what we want through synchronicity and faith in the goodness of our purpose. At the same time, we may also encounter the opposite forces to what we want and take action toward, these forces raising their heads to get our attention, turning our intention away from our true path and purpose!

When we give these opposite forces attention, we often give them power and perhaps even increase our own measure of fear that we cannot attain the results of our true purpose.

So what is truly available to us in these moments of polarity and paradox, of fear and doubt about the worthiness, the goodness and the ability of living the results of our live purpose?

For me, it’s an experience of Grace that gently breaks into our thoughts and hearts and offers us a gentle reprieve from these opposite forces of fear and negativity. Grace is constantly available to us, giving us permission to step into a state of worthiness, of love, of daily perpetual forgiveness, of recognition of our divine holiness, freedom and inner peace. Truly, the gift of Grace transforms our mistrusting mindsets and our woundedness, no matter its source or origin, into a knowing that we have the right, the ability and are so truly loved and completely found worthy of the life purpose that brings us wholeness, peace and joy. (see archive Grace and Laughter, May 2009).

Whether we want to improve our relationships, our communication patterns, our eating and exercise habits, become more loving and less negatively critical of ourselves and others, or whether we want to find a different career or enhance our intimacy, pay off our financial debts, Grace offers us the gentle, yet courageous path that we can and will live our life purpose, regardless.

Although choosing grace as one’s path to live our life purpose requires incredible courage, it is equally an elegant and gentle path. This abiding presence of love and forgiveness, of gentle yet powerful Life-giving confirmation of our worth and
acceptance asks us to shed our shame and our inadequacies without hesitation, without rationalizations, without guilt! Grace makes the process of worthiness
and acceptance so elegant and easy and yet it takes all the courage we can
muster to walk beyond the universal truths (lies), negative paradigms and beliefs that we have held about ourselves forever!

Grace, for me, includes the divine in-breaking of abiding love, a transcendent mystery that can and does forgive karma or sin to bring peace and abundance of purpose to someone here and now, for the purposes of expanding consciousness of the masses. We cannot control such Divine Manifestations of Grace (or forgiveness or agape, some may call it), nor can we manipulate it, nor use it for harm in any way. The best we can do is to surrender to it, to embrace its love and mystery and to accept the divine worthiness showered upon us in that moment.

To live in Grace is, therefore, to live spiritually as an authentic human being so our life purpose can manifest the results we seek deep in our heart. Whatever our spiritual practice may be, we need to nurture it in ways that open us to the gift of Grace daily, to recognize it when it comes to gift us!

We will continue to explore this whole living in Grace and Peace as this is my life purpose, my mission to myself and to the world. Whether in 1:1, in the workshops I lead, the reiki and soul coaching programs I teach, GRACE will always be welcomed, embraced and explored to deepen our consciousness of our holiness and goodness as human beings. So rather than try to escape it, deny it or run from it, I invite us to explore Grace, be open to this mystery of holy love and to find its way of moving to create results in living the purpose of our real lives. What a better way to live peace on the planet.

What choices will you continue to make in this 11 year, a year of Grace indeed!

Blessed be!
©Shirley Lynn Martin