Finding My Creative Flow on a Rainy Day

It was a Friday and I had just picked up Carlie from the groomer. She was perfectly clean, soft hair, well-groomed, and ready for action. I, on the other hand, was enjoying her clean and ‘groomed’ look and wanted to keep her that way for a few hours.

I realize that creative flow and our creative power to manifest our ‘art’ rarely keeps things looking like they are ‘fresh off the shelf.’ That may be the end result that others admire, but the process and the journey to the end results of creativity are rarely without ‘mud and mess’. For Carlie there is bliss in the mud and mess as well as in the beauty of the “finished product”.

An invigorating walk was necessary though so we got in the car and headed to a local park. I told Carlie that the fields will have to wait for another day when it isn’t raining. Carlie was taking delight in her ‘beauty’ too so we stayed on the path. I told her that I need a story. She told me she has lots of stories about being creative – I just need to listen to my heart and she will share it with me there.

As we were walking, bundled up against the wind, I suddenly realized how my attitude had shifted and I was now in a really happy space, just being with someone who makes me happy. I began to smile and laugh with her as she cheerfully trotted alongside me, sniffing here, looking at me there, just telling me what a wonderful moment it is. After a bit she started to circle me in ways that communicate, ‘let’s play ‘tricky ball’.  It’s a ball with many angles, so the trajectory of each bounce is unpredictable and requires great wit and agility to capture it.

Suddenly, the inspiration I needed appeared. What juices up the creative flow within us?  Here’s what Carlie told me in her playing, sniffing, trotting and walking and connecting with me:

  1. Let God/dess ‘touch’ your heart every day. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy; just open yourself to this ‘soul touching’. One way I open to this gift is through my Reiki meditations and healing twice a day. When I feel in deep connection with the Divine, I feel love flow. I feel the kiss of Divine Joy in my heart and a thought or story descends upon me. Or today, Carlie’s eyes dance and kiss my heart with her delight.
  2. Play and have fun. It’s hard to open to creativity when our attitude is grumpy or negative. One look at Carlie and I can immediately find my playful heart.
  3. Be present. If you are out of touch with your feelings and what really is stirring within you in the here and now, then how can you be aware of the creative flow or ideas?
  4. Step into Nature and let her take you on a journey.
  5. Move your body, move your energy, find your flow. Let the activity of positive movement uncover your creative spirit.
  6. Remove the limitations, the blocks, the old and worn out – do the work so your creative spirit has a place to shine, to express, to expand.
  7. Show up to creativity. If all your time is spent doing ‘this and that’, answering emails or being busy with endless tasks, then the creative flow will pass you by (and you won’t even know it). Stick with it.
  8. Be grateful. A grateful heart just sees so many more creative potentials and can connect with our creative power.
  9. Let it flow. We can’t force creative ideas into existence. If the ideas and flow aren’t there, get up and engage in one of the first 6 opportunities.
  10. Celebrate when it flows and you accomplished the creative endeavour. Our creative spirit seeks the ‘lightness’ of gratitude and celebration. A nap served me well!

Those are just a few steps that got my creative juices flowing. What works for you?