Commitment to Change (4): Questions that Guide

 “Just for today I really love myself”,I repeated to myself before I put my feet on the ground first thing in the morning.

I’ve finished my 30 days and what has changed? Lots. And the best is that it was simple. Nothing that required breaking my back or pushing myself to do something I really hated doing. For me, it really came down to this one simple question as I went through my day: “Am I really loving myself right here, right now?” If I was, I offered gratitude to myself and to Spirit. If I wasn’t, I paused and listened for what in me I was ignoring or invalidating.

When the awareness of an unfilled need surfaced to which I was negatively reacting, my next question became “What can be better than this?” Invariably, an inner response came forward that brought greater clarity. My heart seems to have a sense of humour … “loving myself would be better”. So then my next question was “What does really loving myself look like right now?” Sometimes, an answer would come and other times I had to wait a bit before the answer appeared.

Simple questions. Simple focus. Incredible answers and Divine activity.

Sometimes, I simply walk the question or live the inquiry, ‘what can be more loving than this?’ and allow Spirit to manifest answers that delight my heart. Asking a simple and yet expansive question invites us to deeper reflections and significant reframes of perspective. New and more life-affirming perspectives lead to more life-affirming behaviour. Life-affirming behaviour leads us to success of goal fulfillment. In my case, it led to vocational decisions, positive social connections and healing of old hurts that no longer served me. And lots more inner peace and joy!!

And that was the goal … what can better than that?