Commitment to Change (2): Investing in Love

Recently a colleague and I held a Peace Circle to honour and celebrate International Peace Day. At the conclusion of our evening, we each made a conscious commitment to ourselves to take action for the next 30 days that increased, cultivated or deepened our experience and state of inner peace. We placed these commitments in the centre of our circle – the place of purpose, intention and light. As I paused awaiting the inner guidance to voice my ‘conscious commitment’ for the next 30 days, I heard “I will love myself”.

I stopped in silence. It was not a commitment I was expecting to hear. I had invited others to make their commitment mindfully, to only make the commitment they knew they would follow through on. To make a conscious commitment to act toward inner peace and then break this agreement is to break their flow and their spiritual connection with the Great Peace.

In hearing my own soul commitment come forward, I suddenly was confronted with the awareness of the consequences when breaking ‘conscious commitments’. It’s not that forgiveness, compassion and grace won’t be extended to me if I don’t follow through. Rather, I was consciously choosing to make a commitment to myself, this Peace Circle, and to Great Peace. For reasons of integrity I would need to follow through on truly loving myself for the next 30 days. It became a MUST. I thought to myself, “strange. Don’t I already love myself?” Yet I instantly knew my next 30 days would take me outside my comfort zone and into new territory. My habits would need to change and I would be transformed again. What an investment to inner peace and joy!

And what about your ‘conscious commitment’?


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Saturdays October 27th & November 10th, 2012, 9am – 5pm

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