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What a glorious holiday weekend we had here in Ontario. I trust you took the time to enjoy it with family and friends, or perhaps you got some much needed solitary time. It is hard to believe that we are already into August, although this is a month I look forward to every year (I always plan to get away somewhere in August – looks like it will be a short trip to New York later in the month).

I am sharing these upcoming workshops and Reiki training opportunities with you and hopefully one or more of these will strike a chord with your soul purpose.

The Art and Practice of Forgiving – Discover the Freedom to Live

WHAT does the act of forgiving actually mean? HOW do I forgive in a way that is useful and liberating?
This one-day workshop is for anyone who wants to learn an effective and simple method to let go of the resentments that bind you to your past hurts and block you from your joy. We will also examine what interferes with forgiving and how forgiving is distinct from grieving a loss or healing a trauma.

Saturday, September 14th, 2019
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Find out more at Freedom to Live

Reiki Level One

Are you needing a self healing practice of self calm, self care, of self balance and grounding? Are you needing a meditation practice that enhances true self development, that awakens a universal connection to loving-kindness and compassion, that replenishes energetic flow and vitality? Take this golden opportunity to begin your path to self-healing and spiritual development with Reiki. Awaken to its power and mystery.

Friday & Saturday October 4 & 5th & Saturday October 19th, 2019 (3 days)

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

For more details, see Reiki Level One

Reiki Level Two

Continue your journey… in this next level, you will be learning symbols to help you understand the nature and flow of different kinds of energy and what is needed to restore balance and vitality of body, mind, spirit. As well, we will be learning how to do long distance healing (across time and space).

Friday & Saturday November 8 & 9th & Saturday November 16th, 2019 (3 days)

9:30am – 4:30pm

For much more detail, see Reiki Level Two

Reiki Master / Teacher

Students qualify for this level of instruction if they have demonstrated commitment to their personal Reiki practice, have experienced consistently the effects of Reiki in daily life, have reached a certain level of character refinement and understanding, have developed a certain level of sensitivity in their energy healing practice, are ready to commit to a deeper spiritual practice for the purpose of further psycho-spiritual integration.
This Reiki Master/Teacher (Level Three and Four) Intensive includes 30+ hours in-class time over 6-8 months plus monthly assignments, reading and practice sessions with other students each week over a 8-10 month period. Teacher guidance and support provided throughout.

First In Class Date: Saturday, February 22nd, 2019 [9:30-4:30]

For more information about dates and requirements, see Reiki Master

Are you interested in knowing what it requires to work as a professional Reiki practitioner? Come and join the conversation with Jennifer Godwin and myself …

Ethical and Legal Considerations for the Reiki Practitioner

Pre-requisite: Reiki Ryoho Level II

This 8 hour workshop is for Reiki practitioners who wish to have those uncommon discussions about the ethics and legal considerations when providing a professional Reiki healing service. For those of you who also offer other modalities, this will still have relevance. Through case studies, reflections, discussion and presentations, participants will learn what is necessary when considering working with the public professionally.

Saturdays September 28th and October 26th, 2019
9:00am – 1:00pm (both days)

Note: If you are at a distance, and would like to attend, we are going to set up a zoom option for this workshop.

Full details are posted at Ethical & Legal Considerations

There’s more to come but mark your calendars now so you don’t miss these special opportunities for your personal growth. As always, please contact me for more details if you can’t find it on my webpage. I look forward to sharing these events with you.


Shirley Lynn