Looking for more WINNING Stories of Summer!

This is a REMINDER INVITATION to join us in celebrating the arrival of summer with a random draw for our one-of-a-kind Beat the Heat of Summer Gift Basket. In less than a week it will be here!! It’s time to pack away your jackets, sweatshirts and wooly socks and get out your sandals, shorts and sunblock.

As we mentioned earlier in the month, we are looking for your Best Summer Holiday Memory that had an impact on who you are today. Where were you (at the farm, beach, cottage, road trip, camping, etc) and who were you with? The entries we have already received are great and we look forward to sharing what everyone contributed next weekend. – Everyone who enters will automatically be entered into our draw for the Gift Basket.

This gift basket has a Patio theme – it features a beautiful pitcher with glasses, great drink recipes (love that Sangria!), soem ingredients to get you started, fabulous snack foods to enjoy while you relax and revel in the sun (or maybe shade) with someone or something you love.  Of course there will be other little surprises to fill every cranny of the basket.

Entries will be accepted until noon EDT on Friday, June 21st,, the first day of summer! Please send your responses to Shirley@shirleylynnmartin.com. The winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email later that day along with all the Summer Holiday stories that were submitted.

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The summer of 1981 was a memorable one for me. I just finished high school and was looking for adventure. I found it in the form of biking across Canada with 21 others from various parts of Canada and the US. We started in the Pacific Ocean and ended 2 months later in the Atlantic.

I learned a lot that summer and I won’t bore you with the long version about all our trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs – can you say character-building? What stands out for me even today is the value of community in supporting each other through the highs and lows of our life journey – each of us could probably still recall a time on that trip when we didn’t think we could go on but someone said or did something that gave us the necessary support to keep moving forward. A simple squirt of water did the trip soometimes. Other times an imaginary tow line pulled someone up yet another mountain.

I like to believe that I have carried this lesson forward in my life. I want to remember and act on the knowledge that reaching out and offering help and support to someone (whether in big or small ways) can have a positive impact on that person, and maybe me too. As Red Green used to say, “…we’re all in this together”.

Some of you who know me may think – “I didn’t know she liked to bike”. And you’re right. I don’t. Never really did. I’ve rarely been on a bike since. But it still was the ride of a lifetime. Kind of a coming-of-age adventure that will stay with me forever.  I look forward to your stories too.  ~ Lucy