Always a Sunrise

Author unknown
Look out, look in. Every day has a sunrise. Wherever you are, like a magic circle, the world is all around you. Everything has a purpose. Every action a reaction. All around there are happenings.

People, places and ideas, all offering you opportunities. Some to be touched and changed by the very nature of your uniqueness. Others to be left alone for they are not worthy of you. Life is a love affair. Love the people around you; love what you do.

Everyday dawns with a sunrise. Always, High days and low days. Blue skies of pleasure are there to enjoy. Celebrate. Dark clouds of storming hurt, however black, they always pass. Today was yesterday’s tomorrow; yesterday is gone. History. And the wonder of yesterday is whatever we didn’t like is behind us. Make a change. Unlimited you. Greatness from within.

There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences. Some things are easy to learn, others hard. What is easy for one may be hard for another. Lessons to be learned, not burdens to be carried. Everyone is different. Everyone is special. We are all creative. WE are all tool makers.

Greatness and humility. Both are you. Leader and follower. Warrior and water carrier. Teacher and student. Champion and cheerleader. Who is to say? One day you are one, the next day you are the other. Pace setters tread the untrodden path. Never given away your sunrise day of action to an excuse.

“When the time is right.” “When I feel like it.” “When I’ve enough money.” Sometimes it’s too easy to justify not taking action. Sometimes you have to say “no’ to your voice of fear when it tries to keep you too comfortably where you’re at. Always a new light. Always a new day. Each day a gift of opportunity. There is always a sunrise even when it is far from our view.

There is always a door. We simply have to seek. There is always a key. We simply have to persist. And, sometimes, we just have to wait a while. Patience does have virtue. There is always a future. The future is hope and the magic is faith.

It begins with you today. Today a new day. Always. Today our decision to be the person we really want to be. Today our choice of courage to accept what we cannot change. Today our choice to rise to the challenge of changing what we must. These are the choices of happiness.

Always an answer. You simply have to believe. The dawn. The magic of a new day given to us. A love affair. A love affair with today. Today, a gift of opportunity; to laugh; to learn; the achieve; to make someone happy, to be happy. Always a sunrise.
For this month, I invite you to live as the Sun–certain in who you are, certain in the design of your purpose and full of faith that it is safe to have a love affair with your Best Self as you live the expansiveness of Divine Love and Light! Blessed be.

Shirley Lynn Martin