In the last hours of our time in Japan, most of our group had gathered to relax until the parting time for the train station. We had taken one last stroll around the neighbourhood in Tokyo where we were staying. As we were relaxing, a group member decided to check her email one last time before the trip home. Upon logging in, the above quote came up on the screen in full letters with a picture. No one could explain from where it came, but we all were amazed at the powerful moment of synchronicity and blessing as the trip was coming to a close. As only poetry could do, this quote captured our trip and the experience of the soul.

Whenever we journey great distances, whether physically or within the Heart of Being, the power of hope keeps us progressing forward even when the light of love has seemingly vanished. I journeyed great distances in preparing for Japan and again while on my voyage, both external and internal. This journey brought with it its own challenges and its moments of new hope and the voices of joy. Not only did I have to navigate a very different culture and social mores, I also had to navigate the journey in my own soul as I encountered the many spiritual energies downloaded during my trip.

If we look back over 2007, many of us can see where hope guided us through the stresses and unknowns that presented themselves to us. I’m the kind of person who likes to look back at the end of the year and see that so much has changed in my life, especially internally, that I say, “Wow, look who I am…I don’t even remember who I was last January.” This year is no different. At the end of December I want to look back and find the snow has covered the tracks where I have been, so that I look forward to 2008 with new hope about where I am going, both internally and externally. This is not a year I need to look back to honour my journey. I have honoured it all along the way.

How am I able to do that? I practice Reiki on myself and meditate daily for at least 2 hours. It’s my commitment to myself. What I have learned is that the more I practice, the more I am required to practice. It takes discipline to meet the quiet truths of HOPE for new life when the old voice of woundedness and betrayal echo in our ego mind and keep pulling us back into our wounds. Ueshiba’s quote reminds us that it is time to silence these voices with a voice that reflects the heavens, fills us with joy and turns the darkness into light!! And that’s the season of NEW HOPE—to birth within us a NEW MINDSET and a NEW VOICE!

For New Hope to be real to us in every moment, we do need to descend into the vastness of the great sea within—the heartsoul. Descending, we may encounter many memories of darkness. The strategy is to use NEW HOPE as our guide, always moving us forward to the next voice of joy. And the voice of joy will be present as this is the promise that Hope brings us. For example, for some, Christmas season can be a time of great stress as the hours of celebration seem to surface the inner truths of discontent in our lives. Some struggle to actually feel the joy of the season. Many find that the ‘family bonds of love’ hold more experiences of loneliness than they do connectedness. Many too, find that the season of imposed frenzy and bustle overwhelm their already guilty conscience for the secret thoughts of just wanting to skip out of all the gatherings and be quiet with their hearts.

Yet, despite all the internal stress that many experience over the holidays, we are presented with a prize opportunity to celebrate NEW HOPE that comes with the SEASON OF LIGHT and NEW BIRTH. Just think of the times wherein the worst moments of sadness and hurt from which you may be writhing and then serendipitously, you encountered a baby who catches your attention or perhaps your heart. Whether it be an infant, or small toddler, a kitten or puppy, the innocence and delight with which they engage with the world envelops us with a blanket or deep and soulful hope that all will find its well-beingness and order once again. For hope truly brings a positive mindset and opens our hearts to the possibilities of miracles deliciously manifested!

Marzie and I are retreating this season to be filled with the Light of NEW HOPE and NEW BIRTH. We intend to step into 2008 with this HOPE as the fire of our inner power!! I truly bring with me from 2007 all the sense of freedom, wisdom and hope I need to leap into the New Year with laughter, a great, big smile and a huge YES! This season of new hope is asking me to plan for the birth of a miracle!! Will you join me in utilizing the energy of new hope to plan for a miracle in your life this 2008?
Blessed be!
Shirley Lynn Martin and Marzie


©Shirley Martin