The Magic of Circles

I have always loved circles. As a kid my school notebooks were full of them as I doodled to pass the time. Actually, I still find myself drawing them when my mind wants a break and drifts from the task at hand. My fascination with circles has been with me for as long as I can remember.

When I first started going on canoeing adventures, I couldn’t wait until that time of the evening when dusk fell upon us and we started to build our fire. Staring into those flames as we gathered around the fire was magic for me. I had this feeling of being connected to everyone and everything. My body could breathe deeper and I felt myself soften and open in new and wonderful ways. We had some of our most meaningful conversations sitting in circle around those fires. We settled more deeply into ourselves and opened more fully to each other as we shared the truth of our experiences.

Over a year ago I was introduced to the concept of “Peace Circles”. A friend had taken Peace Circle training and shared a book about it with me. As she shared her experience with me, I had this incredibly strong sense that this is what I was meant to do. The Peace Circle concepts and process resonated so deeply with me that it took about a nanosecond to decide to take peace circle training. It is one of those experiences where my knowing was screaming “yes” and the practical pragmatic part of me was left sorting out how to make it happen.

My experience with Peace Circles has been truly transformative for me. It has given me a way to be in community and in a safe and honouring way, share and connect authentically at a much deeper level. With this deeper level of connection and authenticity I have found great opportunities for growth and healing in my life.

When we gather in circle we tap into this ancient and sacred knowing that exists in all of us. The knowing that as we sit around the fire our voices can be equally shared and valued and that when we come grounded in our true selves with shared intention and values we tap into our sacred and collective wisdom and what happens is so much more than we could have imagined alone.

I know this may sound revolutionary but I really do believe Peace Circles could change the world and I invite you to experience the magic. This September, Shirley Lynn and I are facilitating a 4-Part Peace Circle series. I am so excited about this series and the connection and shared wisdom that we will experience. Check it out.

Submitted by Karen McCarthy