So Long, 2012!

The day’s last client left and I quickly did the final clean up of my office before heading home to celebrate the holidays with family. I had bags in hand and reached to turn off the light and close the door. As is my ritual at the end of each week, I offer thanks to the Universe for all the gifts of healing and abundance that had been afforded me and my clients. This week something amazing happened!

As I turned to lock and close the door, an incredible breath was released from me and I felt an energetic door close as well. Instantly, I understood that I was saying good-bye to 2012 and all the events of that year. The work year with clients was complete. Nothing was left unfinished. And I realized that the partnerships I had with clients had been gifted with thresholds sucessfully crossed. Whatever decision or awareness or goal that had needed to materialize for 2012 had been achieved!! The lights could go out on 2012 with a sense of completion and success. There is nothing about the past that confines us from striving for joy, health, harmony and peace in 2013.

We as a community of people, together in partnership (whatever these partnerships are for) have been committed to, encouraged and supported in a multitude of blessings which helped us complete the phase of the journey we needed to walk in 2012. In that moment when I felt the door close, the Universe affirmed that all of us are invited to completely turn and open our hearts toward 2013. To all of my clients I want to say thank you and congratulations. What a tremendous honour to be witness and a facilitator of accountability to what moves you toward health, joy and inner peace. We are being invited to set our sights to the horizons of 2013. We are encouraged to bring forward with us all the hope we can share and has been left to us in the wake of all the releases and healing achieved in 2012. Give thanks.

So turn toward 2013 and plan for what you want to achieve and for who you want to become in 2013. For those of you who book sessions with me in January, you will get a free copy of my new workbook: Wisdom’s Way to Living JOY-Fully in 2013. It’s a fun, rewarding and step-by step process that helps you bring more focus, intention and joyful motivation to how you experience and co-create the results of this New Year. So let’s get started and build on this new place we find ourselves. You have all crossed the threshold. Let’s go for it full of courage, light and the hope that has been given to us through this Christmas Season of Light.

With the New Year celebrations upon us, here are blessings I wish to share with you:

Warm and Joyous 2013 to all! My wish is that you scatter joy, share hope, inspire love, and seek peace so that you may be gifted with scattered joy, shared hope, inspired love and peace found!

With love and peace,

ShirleyLynn (and Carlie)