Drops in the Ocean of Peace


This soup is Delish!
This soup is Delish!

This past Saturday (September21st) was International Day of Peace. At Feathers, Rainbows & Roses, we celebrated with an Open House. Lucy prepared the 11 different recipes previously entered into our Best/Favourite Fall Recipes contest and we all sampled each dish and tried to pick our favourites.

In addition to the food part of our celebration, Reiki Master students offered Reiki Blessings/Healings of Peace to anyone who wanted this gift. Over the course of the afternoon, we experienced good conversation, joyful community, satisfied bellies and the gift of Infinite Peace.

After the event, Lucy counted the votes for the recipes (she will share the results), but interestingly, each dish got at least one vote for best/favourite. We commented on how different each person’s palate is – which is why restaurants have such an array of items on their menus. It made me reflect upon the necessity for developing and learning skills in tolerating, appreciating and building diversity.

Whether it is with food, with life experiences, hobbies, talents, dreams, goals, values, sexual orientation, ethnic backgrounds, ecological systems, embracing and living harmoniously with diversity is a necessary seed for Peace. There are and will always be many paths to the Sacred. Being open to what other spiritual traditions can teach, to their rituals and world views, often helps us to better understand and appreciate the value of our own tradition and its core truths.

Just like our diverse palates and appetites, we are like drops in the Ocean who can create powerful communities of Peace as we acknowledge that we are all part of this one big Ocean. We can be nothing else but one Ocean, even though we remain unique and created to live in dignity. For this reason, cultivating compassion is also a necessary seed for Peace.

As we Reiki Masters contemplated upon our collective intention for the recipients of Reiki Blessings/Healings of Peace at our Open House – as well as for the world at large – we discussed these themes of oneness, diversity, drops in the Ocean, dignity, community.

The Intention of Peace

In case you missed the open house and would still like to feel the blessing of Peace in your life, I invite you to take the following blessing with you into your week and notice the subtle movements of where your heart feels calm, relaxed and perhaps open to a new potential of inner change of heart somewhere in your life or being. Join with us and be open to discover your own path to inner peace…

As we celebrate International Peace Day and as we offer Reiki Peace Blessings to all who attend and seek out Peace:

May we be pure channels of Reiki peace and healing;

May everyone and every being feel supported to find that sweet spot where as we each experience our own inner peace, we also trust that we as a community are opening a space for others in the world to know their own inner peace;

May the pure drops of Reiki peace come together with all the other drops of Reiki peace around the world and be felt and experienced within the heart and being of the recipients awakening their true claim to dignity, freedom and equality with all our relations;

May we all discover a patience and love in allowing people to follow their own paths. May we be free from judgement and criticism so we can grow and succeed at our best pace toward our greatest vision where

Peace is.

May this Reiki Peace Blessing awaken self compassion and loving-kindness of self so that we can bring compassion and loving-kindness to others as we join them in the ocean of Peace

May everyone who seeks and receives this Reiki Peace Blessing radiate a knowing and commitment that a compassionate community is a peaceful community – one of understanding and tolerance – so let this community light shine!