Creating Peaceful Relationship with Oxygen

I attended the same gathering of Reiki practitioners as Lucy (see previous blog Open your senses, Nature is calling…), seeking to appreciate and become more knowledgeable and intimate with Nature. It is a project we are exploring as a budding community and as you can imagine, Nature is surprising us at every turn.

This past year, we at Feathers, Rainbows & Roses have been exploring, contemplating, practising and learning new skills to enhance the experience of ‘creating peaceful relationships’. Not only do we need to cultivate these relationships with our family and friends, but equally important, we need to cultivate this kind of peaceful exchange within ourselves, our animals and also with our environment. Too frequently we forget to include the essential dynamic of our surroundings and of Nature in our discussions of creating peace within and peace within relationships.

In this gathering, I chose to study a picture of an oxygen atom. It was a beautiful picture that drew me into exploring the nature and consciousness of this single atom on the periodic table … a 10th grade chemistry lesson that at the time was dry and without meaning. However, this time, my intention was to listen and experience a connection with this atom of O2, to step into its energy field, so to speak.

Instantly, my energy began to expand. With every breath I could feel O2 intensifying and expanding my field. I spent 5 minutes just being with oxygen, just concentrating on this atom and all it was offering me about itself. My cells began to feel more full and my brain clear. It was an incredible moment.

After a few moments, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice to explore hydrogen now too.” I went to put down the picture of O2 and to my surprise, I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t put it aside. I began to realize I can’t ever put it aside until that moment my soul leaves my life and transitions back to spirit. Who knows how oxygen operates with Spirit, but I trust it does in some way.

In a most miraculous way, I experienced the way oxygen is LIFE. It doesn’t just give Life, IT IS LIFE! I knew this information from 10th grade Chemistry, but to experience such knowing from the inner being of my cells was indeed a moment of radical awareness. Much more than knowledge! From this simple exercise, my awareness is deeply expanded and I have a new ally and friend in life … Oxygen!

I didn’t realize I needed to be at peace with oxygen, however, if I never develop full awareness of what gives and affirms my life, how can I really experience peace? How can I be truly grateful for life, because I lack awareness of what all gives me life.

This summer weather in Ontario has been a wonderful gift, at least in my terms of summer weather. Each time I step out and breathe in the oxygen provided in the community of hydrogen and summer scents, my gratitude and sense of inner peace is grounded and more deeply anchored within. Connecting with oxygen to some may not answer the world’s issues, but we are doing so much to zap oxygen from our environment.

The concept of a golden rule, in which we do to others only what we would want others to do to us, can be found in one form or another as far back as the civilizations of ancient China, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It has also been called an ethic of reciprocity which can be found in all cultures, in all world religions as well as in the philosophies of humanists and existentialists. In short, it’s one ethical code that most of humanity can agree on.

I wonder what would happen if we consciously and collectively applied this golden rule to a single atom of Oxygen everyday of our lives. I think a miracle just might occur and we would have peace in our hearts and peace on the planet!

So breathe deep and have an oxygen-blessed summer!

Namaste, Shirley Lynn