A Simple Pause: A Way to Peace

Sometimes when the pull and push of life begins to wear down our resilience, taking a pause to be still is an enormous gift, an enormous act of freedom. In my own Reiki practice, the beauty and simplicity of self healing is the pause into love, into a moment of quiet calm with my hand on my heart. It’s a simple gesture. Yet, in this moment, Reiki brings me back home to my centre, to my heart and to my ground of being.

15 minutes between clients, 10 minutes before my next meeting, or even 5 minutes before I leave for my volunteer work – whatever time I need to return to centre, restore my sense of calm and replenish my joy – is gifted simply by putting my hands on my heart, opening to Reiki and allowing Reiki to ground my energy and balance my energy flow.

In this moment, there is nothing I need to do or is required of me – nothing beyond a moment of surrender and openness. The moment I lay my hands on my heart and open to Reiki, a soul-to-Universal Soul connection and oneness begins. It is extraordinarily simple because I don’t need to shift anything. In the moment of receiving, my breath calms, my heart self-regulates and I return to a state of ‘okayness’. When so much is often demanded of us; when so much is often coming at us; when so much noise is penetrating our inner balance, claiming a moment of pause in Reiki, where the gift of the Sacred blesses us with what we need, to do what we must do, right there in that next moment, is miraculous. No bells. No whistles. No instruments needed. Just my hand over my heart, a ‘yes’ to Reiki and a surrender to the spirit of the Universe who is attuning me to a namaste mind.

Although the quietness of Reiki in the midst of an overwhelming and distressing moment has become my go-to, I know that other times, opening to a guided meditation and surrendering into the journey of the inner heart, restores that sense of connection with like-hearted pilgrims who are also attuning to the sacred path offered in the guided meditation.

I offer this guided meditation as a way to return to your connection to yourself, to Mother Earth and to the Sacred of ALL THAT IS. I invite you into a time of pause. A time where you re-calibrate with your own sacred essence and with the ground of your being. Claim your freedom to connect to your inner heart. Claim your right to breathe fully into your incarnation, the gift of your life.

Blessings of light and love and life to you!


Shirley Lynn


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