You are a unique and special person.
You are an individual. No one else is like you.
You have complex gifts, desires and needs—unlike anyone else’s.

Although I did not yet know you—you are the person for whom I created Wisdom’s Way to Peace

I am Shirley Lynn Martin; the founder of Feathers, Rainbows and Roses, and the founder, as well as the “finder” of Wisdom’s Way to Peace.

Through and because of my personal journey of continuous learning, I recognized that Soul Coaching—a ‘heart-path’ approach to taking an honest look at who we are and what we really value—is the offering and service that I must bring to you. Your peace—your happiness—your joyful connection with your inner self and with others is my passion.

Do you sincerely want to achieve something, or become a better partner, parent, friend or co-worker, but you can’t because some unknown barrier within you is stopping you?

Have you experienced a difficult life event that causes you to ask ‘why…what does this mean…do I really count as someone significant in this life?’

Are you hungering for inner peace and personal self-acceptance that will allow you to cope with the changes—both positive and challenging—that life is bringing to you?

Is your health being compromised by frustration with or confusion about feelings of being unsettled or unconnected?

Do any of these statements speak to what’s happening in your life?
If so, contact me. We should discuss Soul Coaching.


I will Make the Journey with You
To experience and enjoy the flight of the butterfly, we need to break away from the cocoon. We need to leave the caterpillar behind.

The Wisdom’s Way to Peace system will help you become the quality person that you truly are. It will remove the barriers and help you escape from your cocoon, to achieve the well-being, confidence and inner peace that you want and deserve.

In our work together, I will combine multiple approaches to make the transformative journey with you. Our precise work together—your Soul Coaching—may include Reiki healing therapy, energy psychology techniques, energy body therapy, conflict management coaching, life coaching and psychotherapy. Our work together is as unique and special as you are.

If you are willing to:

  • Exchange negative behaviours for an energized way of life
  • Step outside of your old comfort zone and embrace a new level of personal power
  • Take positive action toward what you want
  • Be responsible for what you want and accountable for what is holding you back
  • Embrace spiritual awakening
  • Learn kindness, compassion and real love for yourself and all of life…

Then, you are ready for us to journey together along Wisdom’s Way to Peace!


What we’ve heard from clients who’ve experienced the benefits of Wisdom’s Way to Peace

 I have become a much happier and joyful person as a result of working with Shirley. I am more calm and peaceful. This allows me to be better at everything I do including raising my son, running my business, being a friend, etc.

…the first visit was so helpful to my energy, I could really feel the difference and it was all good. I also liked Shirley’s energy in that it was very grounded and she’s very serious about getting right to the issue and to make a real difference–and she does!

I finished up your work book Shirley. It is fantastic! My big breakthrough was the amount of clarity I received on what I need to do this year. Your thought provoking questions allowed me to dig deep and receive the answers I needed to move forward on my goals. I also realized a big thing that was missing from my life and business–collaboration! Whether on the phone or in person, I am really missing collaborating with other business owners. I moved this to the top of my list for 2013 and can’t wait to get moving on it!!

Thank you Shirley for providing this opportunity to begin the transformation process :)

Gretchen Pritts, Social Media Coach and Business Owner