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Wisdom’s Way to Peace: Opening Ourselves to Peace

If, for one day, we can live in a world without aggression and hostility, we can imagine how much more is possible. – United Nations statement

This weekend we have had the privilege and multiple invitations to celebrate International Day of Peace through meditations, prayers, community activities and calls to action to remind ourselves of the collective value of every species on this planet that peace is a need.

The United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981 as an opportunity for people around the world to promote the resolution of conflict and to observe a cessation of hostilities. Without peace, we cannot evolve. Without peace, our lives and communities are unsustainable. Without peace, our minds would become entirely unbalanced. Without peace, war would take over our existence. Without peace, we would remain imprisoned in the dualistic, either/or camps that give rise to war.

Thich Nhat Hanh offers a wonderful story of peace, a story of the ‘middle way’ that is neither complicated nor dramatic. He offers one response that illuminates an entirely new possibility to his questioner, opening the way to truth and equanimity (non-discrimination). With all the elections, the policies (and lack of) for climate change, social justice and welfare for all species, women’s issues and education, First Nations education and welfare, etc., both nationally and globally, we need discussions that open to compassion and non-discrimination. We need the robust sensitivity, wisdom and presence which Thich Nhat Hanh shares here:

In 1966, I was walking with other people in Philadelphia in a peace demonstration. A reporter came to me and asked the question, “Are you from the North or from the South?” North and South are names. That was a peace demonstration, an expression of the desire to stop the war in Vietnam. When I looked at him, I saw that in his mind he had two boxes of ideas and he wanted to put me in one of those two boxes. If I were to say I was from the North, then he would think I must be pro-communist and that my presence in the demonstration was to support communism. If were to say that I was from the South, he would think this is someone who is anti-communist. As someone who has be in the practice of Zen meditation, I knew how dangerous it was to give an answer. Whether I answered North or South, it would only get him deeper in his notions and ideas. So I smiled and said, “I am from the Centre.” There is a region called Central Vietnam so I was telling the truth. That made him embarrassed, because he thought that there were only two choices—you must either be from the North or the South. Now he was lost. Because he was no longer sure of himself, he had a chance to inquire about the truth.” (Buddha Mind, Buddha Body, p.58)

On September 21st I invite you to join with me to celebrate International Day of Peace. Find something that opens you to peace, and through you, peace into our world. Our spirits need it. Our world needs it. With peace, perhaps we can breathe and pause long enough to open to the creative insights and knowing that will heal our planet and heal our consciousness.

I leave this Peace blessing with you. I wrote it several years ago with the inspiration of Reiki Masters coming together to share Reiki to the world on International Day of Peace. Take a moment, right now, and just breathe. Notice your in-breath. Notice your out-breath. And in the calm of your breathing, tell your subconscious mind to open and receive the consciousness and vibration of this blessing for all your mind, body and heart!

As we celebrate International Peace Day and as we offer Reiki Peace Blessings to all who attend and open to Peace:

May we be pure channels of Reiki peace and healing;

May every one and every being feel supported to find that sweet spot where as we each experience our own inner peace, we also trust that we as a community are opening a space for others in the world to know their own inner peace;

May the pure drops of Reiki peace come together with all the other drops of Reiki peace around the world and be felt and experienced within the heart and being of the recipients awakening their true claim to dignity, freedom and equality with all our relations;

May we all discover a patience and love in allowing people to follow their own paths. May we be free from judgement and criticism so we can grow and succeed at our best pace toward our greatest vision where

Peace is.

May this Reiki Peace Blessing awaken self compassion and loving-kindness of self so that we can bring compassion and loving-kindness to others as we join them in the ocean of Peace

May everyone who seeks and receives this Reiki Peace Blessing radiate a knowing and commitment that a compassionate community is a peaceful community – one of understanding and tolerance – so let this community light shine!

Wisdom’s Way to Peace: The Joy of Connection with a Ladybug

Those that go searching for love

only make manifest of their own lovelessness,

and the loveless never find love,

only the loving find love,

and they never have to seek for it.

D. H. Lawrence

One recent warm morning while walking with Carlie, I was contemplating Wayne Dyer’s recent passing and the message of Divine Love that he and other spiritual teachers have been teaching me on my recent journeys. I was in the middle of pondering the DH Lawrence quote (see above) when a ladybug landed directly on my heart. I acknowledged the synchronicity of this moment, stopped my train of thought and reached out to offer Reiki to this tiny being resting upon my heart.

The ladybug had nothing to say, and didn’t need to. His very presence on my heart communicated a significant affirmation of what was emerging in my own consciousness. He accepted Reiki and I thanked him for his friendship, knowing I would never see him again. I had no fear of this ladybug and neither was he fearful of me. Our joy of connection simply found expression on a warm summer morning – with our hearts open to love. When the wisdom of these teachings had crystallized into a powerful knowing within my own heart, the ladybug flew off.

This moment may seem simple and perhaps too ordinary to mention. However, so often I encounter people who express a loneliness and frustration because they cannot find a place to belong or connect with others in a meaningful or loving way. They don’t recognize the ladybug who lands on their heart, or the bird who flies above them the whole time they are on a walk, or the person sitting on the bench who greets them with a smile and a ‘good morning’.

I do understand the need for deeper and perhaps more long term connection and community, especially in matters of the heart. Yet, I keep hearing the words of a teacher of mine that ring in my ears still, and perhaps will for the rest of my life – “You can be community in a moment.”

In other words, neither the ladybug, Carlie or myself, spent any time making judgements or fearful analyses of the other. We didn’t need weeks or months to build community between us. We simply stood in love and offered friendship. And what we got back was love and friendship. And my heart was filled.

Had I gone searching for this experience out of a sense of lovelessness for myself or others, I would not have been in a mindset to receive love and spiritual friendship in a way I needed, but wasn’t expecting to manifest in this way. Love finds love. Love doesn’t go looking for lovelessness for that frequently leads to hurt and betrayal. Lovelessness doesn’t have the sense of worthiness, respect or awareness to notice the creativity and subtleties in the spontaneous expression of genuine love.

Love is a verb. Love is an activity. Love is mysteriously a state of consciousness that is a dynamic dance of the body, mind, inter-social and spiritual. It is not a static noun of non-change.

Frequently clients ask me how one really knows if they are loved or love another? I believe there are three key behaviours (activity) that meet the requirements or ethics of loving:

  1. Mutual Respect: I describe mutual as having the quality of reciprocity, a giving and receiving. For me, respect is about honouring the dignity in another sentient being. So mutual respect is about the conscious activity of honouring the dignity in each other as a standard.
  2. Trust: My present understanding of trust is a reliable and repeatable sense of deep assurance that is based on strong evidence through the character, ability, or truth shown by someone or something over time or across situations. Trust is a risk and requires our vulnerability to open ourselves to someone or something to bring a quality of insight, wisdom or usefulness to what we need from one another or from a situation.
  3. Positive Regard: For me, regard encompasses the elements of attentiveness (being present and thoughtful), concern and compassion. It suggests a relationship where mutual well-being and a positive investment in one another is organically shared.

When one’s love actively engages these elements into our being and doing, our love will have the natural capacity to forgive (more on this in another blog). It ignites emotion, but Love is a dynamic principle of the spirit to the fulfilment of its own true essence.

Love consistently calls us into respecting ourselves, the natural laws of life and the community of which we are a part.

Love daily invokes the assurance to build trust in ourselves, in the ‘Great Unfolding of All Things’ and in those who love us (those who consistently engage these three qualities with us).

And finally, love calls our hearts to the positive regard and well-being of our own inner essence as well as the essence in all life, starting out with those in our inner circles.

If you cannot find this true and genuine doing and being of love with others, then check to see if you are actively engaging these three elements of love toward yourself. If you are not doing so with increasing consistency, reliability and durability, then begin here, with yourself.

Ask one safe person to help you, even if it means getting professional help. Loving yourself as a dynamic way of engaging with yourself is a matter of life and death (physically, emotionally, and of the spirit). Your life is priceless. So learning to love yourself through clear and genuine connecting and positive self-regard is worthy of your soulful commitment and acquired resources. You are that important in the web of life. It is also the building block to attracting spiritual friends, where love meets love, no matter the species!

I thank Merle the Ladybug for landing on my heart offering me love and friendship. I know this because I experienced mutual respect, trust and positive regard between us. And in the openness to Love, the experience of spiritual connection was immediate. Blessed be.

Shirley Lynn

It’s In You to Be Who You Are

submitted by Lucy Martin

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to help with a temperament test on a litter of 8 week-old puppies. I’m assuming most of you are unfamiliar with this concept so I’ll briefly describe our intent and process.

Our overall goal was to identify a suitable candidate for service dog work. The human client has specific needs and we were hoping to find a dog who will be trained over a period of many months to assist this person live as healthfully and independently as possible.

The traits that would best fit this specific job were decided upon prior to testing. With our ‘ideal dog’ in mind, we designed a test that would elicit a response of some kind (or not) that would reveal the dog’s innate tendencies – the responses were graded according to an agreed-upon scale. Research has shown that even at such a young age, temperament is already apparent and stays consistent over time. While skills can be taught to improve certain attributes, but the core stays the same. For instance, an introverted person can learn how to behave more extroverted, but they are still an introvert in nature.

We looked at characteristics such as energy level, confidence, resilience, sociability to humans as well as other dogs, patience, how they interacted with their environment, social tolerance – just to name a few.

It was amazing to witness a litter of 8 puppies go through the same test and each respond so differently. They truly are individuals (I’m sure all the twins of the world are screaming “I told you so!”). Even though they had the same parents and so far had shared the same environment and experiences, they still emerged as unique individuals. Sometimes it was just differences by degree; other times it was almost polar opposites.

Part of our puppy evaluation included assessing what kind of home might be best suited for each puppy, based on the test results. Ideally, each puppy will go into the home and role that best suits their temperament, where they can blossom into the dogs they are destined to be. One puppy will begin training to become a service dog, as he qualified with flying colours.

A few days later, while still reflecting on this experience, I was on an off-leash walk with 3 dogs when a surprise skunk appeared in the long grass. Their individual temperaments quickly showed up – one dog didn’t even notice the change/threat in his environment (he also doesn’t stink); another dog was the first to identify the threat and sounded the alarm but didn’t act (the lucky one with minor residue); and the last dog charged in full speed and eradicated the threat (the stinky one). So here we had one problem yet three very different responses. Each dog chose the one that best reflects who they are.

These two recent experiences have caused me to reflect on my own inherent temperament. With life comes challenges and new experiences – how do I naturally respond? And what have I learned along the way to compensate for less adaptive traits, or attributes that are valued less in our culture? Have I overridden my true self for whatever reasons (and at what cost?)?

Just like those puppies and the three adult dogs above, each of us brings a unique blend of attributes to our life situation. Ideally, we will all be living the life that best suits who we are. We will have others in our lives that nurture and love who we naturally are, relate to us in ways that are enriching, offer guidance and support when life isn’t fair, and have your back no matter what.

Because that is who we are destined to be.

Best of luck Baby O!


Wisdom’s Way to Peace: Walking Feet First

This past weekend I had the privilege being lakeside, spending heart-time with friends, and even a bit of kayaking with Carlie (although she was more focused on what games her dog friends were playing on shore!). As much as I love the water, I am first a land creature. Gravity, upright posture, lungs, brain-body-consciousness all define how I live and engage in this world.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet how often does our motivational language to live our potential assume we need to be more than human? I am a spiritual being having a human experience … not an other realm or dimension experience, not another species experience … a human experience.

When I hear phrases such as take a leap of faith (assumption is about jumping off a cliff) or fly like an eagle, I consider what it means to apply these idioms. For instance, jumping off a cliff on faith without appropriate gear and guidance/training on how to use this gear would simply end my life. I don’t have wings, so jumping would be a boundary violation of being human. As for flying like an eagle, well, I have arms and legs, not wings. Again, without appropriate gear and resources, I will simply fall and crash myself.

You might be thinking, wow, is she missing the point. You argue the point is that we can do far more than we conceive of. The point is to defy the limitations put upon us by society, by parents, teachers, etc, and reach new heights. And I would agree. We are capable of far more than we are led to believe. We are capable of reaching new heights and expanding our creative engagement in this world.

But these phrases can only be possible in the spiritual and imaginative realms of our minds. It is in that context that we remind ourselves to connect with the fullness of our spirits. Frequently though, people forget that where our souls live is in this physical body within the environment of gravity. Whatever I dream that I really want for myself and others, requires that I bring ‘feet’ to it. Fundamentally, it has to land or I can’t live it.

My dream is about building peaceful relationships with others. Putting feet to this dream means learning how conflict in relationships happen, what fuels conflict, how to notice the origins and where conflict gains the most traction. It also means learning how to work through these conflicts, how to heal the wounds, how to listen with heart and soul, how to communicate, how to create a spiritual practice to expand compassion, and more.

Learning these skills to bring feet to my dream has meant school, ongoing courses and education, casework and internships, supervision, reading, as well as my own personal journey work through coaching, spiritual direction, meditation, deepening my own personal awareness, attentiveness to the subtle movements of grace and much more. It has taken years of dedication, practice, attending to small details, keeping a greater vision in mind, getting people to support me, hiring consultants, going on retreats, committing my energy, resources and heart-time, etc to realize pieces of my dream.

Although I imagine a different kind of world, I accept what ‘feet’ I am willing to bring to this new world. And I fully commit my self, resources, heart, time and talents to walking feet first this dream. It’s what I can be responsible for without endangering myself or violating the boundaries of being my human self. For some, my dream may be small. For others, they may decide I’m not living my potential. But like yours, my dream is a good one. And what makes my life worthy is that I am putting feet to my dream. It’s real. I breathe my dream. I take action that calls it into being without violating human boundaries and my place in the circle of all life.

You too deserve your dreams. You deserve to experience the energy and potential of your spirit which connects to your heart and brings spark to your imagination and creativity. You deserve the joy of living what you have worked to co-create. But remember, if you don’t give your dream feet, it can’t land. Taking a leap of faith means you need to consider how big a leap you wish to take and what additional resources you need to accomplish it, without harming yourself. You may need to ask others to help you. You may need to get emotional-spiritual support should life derail your plans or devastate your resources and you re-consider pursuing your dream in a different way. You need to think about what’s needed in talents, money, contacts or network or support, in skill, in environment, etc, to bring ‘feet’ to your dream.

Taking a leap of faith or flying like an eagle doesn’t mean that we are exempt from the laws of gravity in this human existence. It requires extraordinary resources to leap across buildings and canyons. We need to be prepared to do what it takes to gather or have access to those resources that match what our dream needs to have feet. But our spirits are still connected to our bodies and have agreed to the laws of our human existence. Wishful thinking won’t make our dreams happen.

If you have a big dream that means a leap of faith of some kind, but no resources or no desire to do all it takes to bring it feet or won’t ask for the necessary support to help you make it happen, how can you truly live it? If you are willing to violate the boundaries of being human to bring ‘feet’ to your dream, then are you prepared to lose your life or someone you care about? Taking a bigger leap of faith requires more from your heart, more from your wallet, more from your spirit, more humility, more connection with others who will help, more of everything.

The gift this human existence and our dreams offer us is that of humility, grace and generative power of connection. When we fully accept and embrace our humanness, we can receive the grace of Spirit to work for us in ways that our human limitations cannot. In embracing our human limits, we open to receive the gift of connection in collaborating with others who have resources, talents and gifts we need to partner with to manifest our dream. And that means we need to walk feet first, heart open, mind flexible, spirit connected.

Living in the Light, living in Spirit means that we connect what is transcendent with what is physical and human. It is who we are. It is a gift to be human. It is a gift of Spirit that our spirits can fly with eagles and jump canyons in faith. To transform our lives and relationships, to transform the plight of humanity and the planet, however, means we need to bring light, love and consciousness into our feet and into the feet of our dreams as humans. That will require step by step effort and commitment on our part. Such transformation, will require all of us and all our faithful feet.

As we approach the last part of this year, I invite you to put feet to what you really want and what you are called to contribute. You deserve it. We all need for each other to put feet to our dreams to help transform our way of being on this planet.


Shirley Lynn

Living Life with No Regrets

by Mary Martin

It has been more than a few years since a good friend and I shared a laugh over breakfast about turning 65. We both pondered the tasks we might need to accomplish in our desire to become a ‘senior with a purposeful life, a wise elder’. As we left the restaurant that morning I had no inkling of the journey I was about to embark on, but I did know that when the student is ready, the teacher appears and I was curious about who the teachers would be.

At that time I knew I didn’t want to be on my deathbed with a lot of regrets. A nameless teacher appeared in the form of an article that I read of someone whose philosophy for life was ‘no regrets’ and how the power of these two words had become a guiding force for action. Those words also rang true for me and I want to share three actions that I took as I consciously embarked on my growing older journey – a journey I do not fear but want to do well.

I have always enjoyed reading so naturally I turned to books. Three I have read and reread are Border Crossing, A Spiritual Journey by Katie Funk Wiebe, Creating A Spiritual Retirement, A Guide to the Unseen Possibilities in Our Lives by Molly Srode and my favourite, The Gift Of Years, Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister. In different ways each book has contributed to my personal growth in a meaningful way.

After I read Molly Srode’s book I sought out a spiritual director to help me develop a spiritual practice that would be a strength and comfort in my later years of life.

However, my third action I almost missed because I didn’t recognize the teachers. My four children have always been teachers that I quite readily recognized; however, my four grandchildren as teachers took me by surprise.

I recently spend several months in the presence of an infant granddaughter and a 4 year old grandson and here are some life lessons that were highlighted for me. My granddaughter is a master in the art of living in the moment and she is still confident all her needs will be met. I had forgotten how freeing it is to live with no inhibitions, that all feelings and all bodily functions are a natural part of life.

My four year old grandson is an intelligent and savvy teacher who is determined to exhaust the opposition until the other finally gives in. He demonstrates true enthusiasm for life like water fights, cookies with icing, building forts or a Wiggles movie. Each and every feeling is legitimate and deserves expression. When he is being asked something he quickly rejects the statement or request before he has truly listened. He is full of wonderment and a full moon brought him bounding into my room to come and look.

So what did they teach me or remind me of?

  • When my grandson would inject his emphatic ‘no’ I wondered how often I may have said no to an idea, a request, an opportunity before truly considering it.
  • How many opportunities have I missed because I said no before considering the possibilities or risked exploring something new?
  • Have I become so jaded that I question if my needs are important enough to demand that they at least be considered (unlike my granddaughter)?
  • Do I take creation so much for granted that I forget how to get lost in awe and wonderment in the beauty of a full moon?
  • Do I know my values and beliefs so that I confidently express or defend them when they are vigorously opposed?

I am grateful for the many intelligent and savvy teachers I have had over the years and they have all helped prepare me for the journey I am currently on. Joan Chittister suggests that life is about “living into the values offered each day, about growing older with grace” and to do so is my intention.


Finding the Journey to Peace and Fulfillment When You Are Stuck

It has been a glorious weekend. Perfect warmth, perfect sun, a gentle breeze and blue sky. Though your list of ‘to-dos’ may be long like mine, I’m opting to write this blog outside. For me, this feels indulgent and somewhat difficult to cherish because my goals and all their sub-tasks are right in front of me … waiting. I feel compelled to ‘move forward’ and get on with these goals.

Perhaps you too are passionate and compelled by your dreams and the goals therein, and find yourself struggling with the sometimes sideways movement of your soul when the mind is so clearly focused on moving forward. Our culture considers ‘moving forward’ as progress – as success and achievement. Patience is a spiritual virtue which can be most difficult at these times.

So, what if our goals, or what is involved in our goals, fails to manifest enough for us and we just can’t seem to move forward? What can we do when the path forward is blocked by something beyond our control? What if we simply can’t move forward even if we want to and we try to push things along?

With an either/or mindset, we too often get caught in forward or backward thinking. If we aren’t going forward (for example, lawyer and legal delays, business plan not being implemented fast enough, children not grateful enough, health issue not changing quickly, etc), we may find ourselves using all our energy and creativity just preventing ourselves from going backward. As this push-pull conflict inside gains negative momentum, it can increase our feelings of frustration, unworthiness and a sense of failure.

But I invite you to ask different questions and consider different directions …

What if in this time of not moving forward, you spent your creativity and resources increasing your heart and soul esteem? What if, like a plant, you ‘grew up’ into the light, maturing your capacity to live your dream? What if you spent time growing your roots deeper to enhance your resilience in the face of difficulty? What if you ‘opened inward’ to those hurts hidden inside and compassionately brought healing and transformation to past traumas, freeing you to move gracefully and with ease? What if you travelled left from your present point of centre and explored what potential is left? What if you stepped right and noticed what is ‘right for you’?

All these directions provide movement for your heart and soul. Each direction offers the opportunity of expansion of consciousness, of peace, of awareness, for your heart and soul. Perhaps in this exploratory side journey or upward path, you will discover something more about your personal strength, your personal gifts, your potential network of resources that pushing forward would never offer you or would even be available to you.

If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward, get a clear picture of what’s happening at your present centre point. Then look at what is happening in all the directions available. Now what do you notice? What is happening? What difference does what you notice make?

For support and guidance in moving forward on your journey, come and see me. Perhaps we need to assess what your actual centre looks like here and now. Then you can step out into a meaningful direction which truly does lead you to your wisdom … to your dream … and your peace.


Shirley Lynn

What Are You Training For?

Submitted by Lucy Martin

For the past 1½ years, Rayna and I have been working on the various skills and nuances of the CKC sport of Formal Obedience. On paper, it looks like it should be easy to do (and for some teams I am sure it is) – Heel on Leash; Walk a Figure 8 pattern around two people; Stand for Exam off leash; Heel off Leash; Formal Recall; 1 minute Sit Stay and 3 minute Down Stay (both at 40 feet away). For Rayna and I, it has become a test and redefinition of our partnership, in addition to our skills as dog and handler.

sitting in the parkI won’t go into the tedium of training all these behaviours, nor about putting them together into the compulsory routine. I am grateful for a coach who has been through this process with a number of dogs, someone who can guide me through this process with Rayna. When we started on this journey, I had no idea it would be this challenging – both in learning and developing the skills, but especially in managing our relationship and navigating the highs and lows of working together as a team. It has been an ongoing struggle to find ways to engage with a sometimes less-than-willing partner, to connect and move in harmony, to try again when things go poorly.

Our developing partnership is being put to the test with our first competition next weekend. Neither of us has ever done this before so keeping it together during the test, as well as before and after, are sure to require a monumental effort from both of us. I could argue that I haven’t proofed her enough to be comfortable in a new environment with new dogs and people, but in that case, we may never be ‘ready’. There will always be some excuse, or what if, or uncontrolled factor that I didn’t count on. There will always be that fear… There will always be that underlying lack of trust within our relationship…

In committing to entering this competition, I realize that I have pushed our partnership into a new domain. I know it is me who is asking Rayna to do this with me – not because she has asked or even wanted to do this – but because I have set a goal of getting a title for my dog. Of course, this process helps me develop and expand my skills as a canine professional. But perhaps most importantly, it is challenging my understanding and expectations of what a true partnership is all about (whether it is between a dog and a human, two people, or whoever).

For the first couple of years, our relationship has been about me as primary caregiver/parent and Rayna as the dependant/child. To a certain degree that is still the case, but as she gets older and more mature, our relationship is evolving into one of partnership.

For me, partnership involves a shared vision of who we are and want to become, both separately and together. It involves cooperation and collaboration in achieving each others’ needs, goals and life purpose. A deep sense of belonging and connection carries us through the valleys and up the mountains that arise on our journey. I also think partnership is about choice – choosing to be actively committed to being in and working at this relationship.

Partnership does not come easy or cheap. For Rayna, it means additional responsibility and maturity. It may mean participating in something that is difficult or frightening. It requires trusting that she will be safe and loved, no matter what. For me, it means relinquishing some control and my desire for specific behaviours and outcomes. It means allowing Rayna to make good choices and trusting that she will – and loving and respecting her even when she doesn’t.

Rayna on her matThe larger goal of this upcoming trial has become about defining and clarifying what our partnership is about – what we want and need out of it, what we are willing to put into it, and finding a common purpose within our partnership. In the big picture, passing this trial (or not) will have minimal consequences for our partnership, but truthfully, don’t we all really want to be successful?

I challenge you to try something new with your partner (whatever species) that takes you out of your comfort zone. Most likely, it will open you to new insights about yourself, your partner, and your partnership. It may help to find a good coach who can help you navigate the fears, struggles, anxieties, etc that are inevitable. Someone who can teach you the necessary skills as well as offer support and guidance when you need to get back on track or seek out a new direction.

Partnership is a living organism which constantly needs to be attended to. Is the balance of responsibility right for this moment in time? Are the needs and desires of each individual being taken into equal consideration? Are the partners moving together toward a mutual destination?

If you feel that it is time to renew or advance your partnership, an obvious and trusted resource is Shirley Lynn Martin. Call or email today to move your partnership to its next level.

Be Courageous! Take that first step forward…