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It’s Official! Spring has Arrived (kind of)

 WOW!! What wonderful harbingers of spring. I have attached some wonderful reflections of what spring means to you.  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did. Thanks everyone for sharing…

  • For me, spring is about movement and growth. Trees that sat still and leafless all winter begin to sprout buds. The winter forest develops the tiniest hint of pale pale green, sitting like a veil on the tops of the trees visible from a distance. I can hear birds chirping, woodpeckers pecking. But I think the most visceral moment for me is standing beside a previously frozen tiny stream, seeing it flowing quietly under the snow, filling with fresh clean water, drawing on the frozen source and running to help all the new life just waiting for sunshine and that water. I saw such a tiny creek on my walk to my favourite spot on the escarpment last weekend. Too soon for larvae, too soon for migration, too cold for basking in the spring sun because it wasn’t quite spring yet. But it’s coming. The final harbinger for me are the snowdrops that so bravely pop up their beautiful blossoms right out of the snow. I never see them coming – suddenly they are just there. … On this equinox, I will take a moment at noon to go out and, regardless of the weather, welcome the warmth of the spring sun and all the life that is beginning to happen. If I can find a couple of friends, I will do that with them, hands held high, faces lifted. I will also think of you!
  • My Harbinger of Spring is the feeling that a new self is just starting to poke through the frozen ground along with some of the tulips and daffodils I planted last fall with the intension that when I see then rise, I will have blossomed in new fresh ways from the fertilizer of old. I since then know the pain of the tulip, the fear of breaking into the sunlight, the breaking away of the old bulb to birth a fresh green shoot.
  • For me, spring is a time for excitement and preparation of reuniting with family.  I go for almost 6 months in between seeing family in England and it means that summer is on the way and I will see my mum in May and the rest of my family in summer.  It’s like an opening of me of love within.  I love spring and all that blossoms within the earth and within my heart in anticipation of being together with the ones I love.
  • When I think of Spring my spirit lightens and invokes all kinds of colours, smells and visual beauty within.  I think of the ending of what was, letting go of things that no longer serve me and getting present to the birth of the new, what is available to me in this moment that will serve me now and move me forward.  Spring reminds me of the direction of the east, it has the power amd warmth of the sun, new beginnings, the sun’s rays act as a giant brush painting brilliant colour everywhere.  Spring gently reminds me to take time to notice and be grateful for all Mother Earth has to offer. Spring to me is the place of spirit and the power if love.
  • I know it is spring when I start getting lots of different birds at my bird feeder. And these birds are busy! They dart from branch to branch and dive through the air,they jockey for position at the feeder. And the dull little gold finches start to change into their “red-carpet” attire … impossibly vibrant gold feathers gradually appear. I also enjoy watching cracks in the asphaltplayground fill with moving water. The after-school kids and I stare at these tiny rivers with fascination. And let’s not forget the joy of watching sunlight hit a babbling brook.
  • I never really thought about rituals of spring before, except for the last couple of years. This year, I find myself anticipating the return of the red-winged blackbird, and their songs. And sure enough, last weekend I saw the first ones of the season, and this weekend, they seem to be everywhere!! My harbingers of spring.
  • Spring is already here I noticed as I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, a bright sunny but cold afternoon. A small little bird flew past me. I didn’t notice until after it had passed- hey, a bird just flew past! Then I could hear others and see them in the trees. The geese are also taking their places. The days are now longer, so exciting. The winter brings its own beauty, but spring has another. Everything is waking up again, a new season. It reminds me that we too, and our bodies need that down time to regenerate, renew and start again. I’m looking forward to longer walks now, sitting in the backyard with my husband and my parrot enjoying the fresh air, and having great barbeques. I used to just work right through the summer and would only take vacations when I could plan a trip. Well, now, I realize, anytime is a good time to take a vacation, and anywhere. To sit at home and read a great book –  fantastic. I know I still have health issues and pains, digestion and food sensitivities. But I hope that this new awakening of spring will help to inspire me. My time to find my inner peace. I know then that with our inner peace, everything else will just come. I look forward to drives with my husband but struggle to do this without my old ways and habits. I hope this new season will bring new light for me, to learn to live a new way.
  • For several years, my horse was stabled in a large barn with 2 other horses. One day in the middle of February, when I groomed him, there was no hair loss. The next day (literally) after grooming my horse, there were shovelsful of hair on the floor, not to mention the hair in my eyes, nose and mouth. I went into work and announced that, based on my horse starting to shed, it was 6 weeks to spring. I marked it on the calendar – April 1. When I saw that, of course I predicted a snow storm. April 1 arrived and the snow storm was so bad the theatre closed for the day. This sums up how I think of spring, completely predictable in its unreliability.
  • My favourite thing about spring is watching, and especially listening to everything that grows. Walking in the countryside, whether it is a trail along one of our wonderful rivers in the Golden Triangle, or the back country roads  at the cottage, I can hear the excitement of the season. The birds’ energetic singing to gain attention for a mate. The sounds of the rushing water, as rivers rush to clean up all the dirt and sediment left from the winter wind and snow. If I really listen I am sure I can hear the sap rising up the trees to force the bursting open of those leaf buds. For me, spring brings watching my garden shooting up. Every day, even by the hour, the perennials burst from the earth. Each plant seems to be in a hurry to show off their colours. Mostly, for me, spring is about being outside after a long, cosy, but restrictive winter. All of nature seems to be busy, and excited to live the next months to their full potential. And I feel the same way – energetic, positive and excited for the daily changes. Bring it on!!!
Amen to that!

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Happy Spring Everyone!

Celebrating the Gifts of Spring

Spring is coming! This past weekend I witnessed (belatedly) the Daylight Savings Time change, the aroma of sap boiling in maple bushes, rapidly melting snow leaving a muddy hangover, geese beginning to nest. As the season progresses, many more changes will occur.

Each of us anticipates Spring in different ways – proof positive that change is happening in our lives and in our world. It is a combination of looking for signs of continuity and a natural rhythm that repeats in predictable ways balanced with our anticipation and excitement of discovering the ‘first’ and the ‘new’. Of all the seasons, I think Spring catches our attention most consciously – the life and growth we were unaware of reveals itself in all its glory. Every day there is new mystery revealed – and even though we may have witnessed it before, each time it is amazing and new, a true gift.

To welcome the Gift of Spring, I invite you to share what you anticipate most with the arrival of Spring, or your favourite Spring traditions, or your best Spring memory ever!

Each response will be entered into a draw for a Spring-inspired Gift Basket. The random draw will take place at noon on Wednesday, March 2oth, 2013 – the first day of Spring! The winner will be announced via email next Wednesday afternoon. I anticipate receiving a beautiful compilation of Spring tributes and I look forward to sharing them all with you.

So open your awareness to the gifts of Spring. Practise your rituals of cleansing and releasing (clean out that closet!). Awaken the memories of Springs gone by. And take a moment to share them with us. Thanks.

May many blessings come your way.

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Loving Yourself in Transition

March is one of those months where we haven’t left winter (at least in this part of the world), nor have we stepped into the smells and sounds of spring. It’s the time of living in the ‘betwixt and between’, a time of transition.

Transitions, I find, can be challenging because we are leaving what is familiar to us – at   the same time the ‘new’ is not yet fully present and solidly anchored in our lives. In Chinese Medicine, March represents a predomination of the Liver system which means we are in a biochemical time of cleansing and purification. So too, numerous faith and spiritual traditions espouse to this theme of letting go or giving something up, of taking stock of one’s spiritual life as necessary for purification of the heart and mind. These natural cycles and rhythms of body, nature, and spirit promote multidimensional purification and cleansing and seem to be hard-wired within us to sustain good health.

Purification is frequently a process of cleansing, of letting go, of elimination. Our bodies, our closets, our souls, our budgets all need a quarterly cleanse and tune-up. Probably even our relationships need a time of purification. It fascinates me how often natural purification processes are built into our lives so the ‘new’ can come to life with greater ease, harmony and simplicity. Purification rituals cleanse and detox our pathways, whether they are our communication habits, our limiting beliefs, our liver or our heart and spirit’s connection with the Sacred, which may be cluttered with spiritual guilt and fear.

Transition and purification frequently come hand in hand. If we are not letting go of something once valuable, then we are taking action to launch or birth the ‘new’ or the more valuable. Where do we ground and centre ourselves when our bodies and spirits and lives are purifying, but the new has not yet materialized? I daresay we are meant to ground and centre in the richness of self love and in the abundance of Divine Love.

One of the gifts Carlie brings to me is her zest for cultivating a learning mind which help her build new skills to deal with ‘scary things’. As I watch her make great strides and put in effort to learn as a way to build confidence in herself, I realize this is one way she expresses self love. She is not a puppy, nor is she yet an adult with emotional maturity. She grounds and centres herself in play and love of learning in her transition from puppy to adolescence to adulthood.

I’m still taking advantage of the winter weather to get in more snowshoeing and playing with Carlie. Carlie completely delights in winter games and there is no time to be depressed about the inevitable transition from winter to spring. There is so much joy that can be awakened playing ‘snow jumping’. Every day she invites me to play, a way to ground and centre in loving myself. We play; we laugh; we make up games. My mind relaxes, my heart is delighted and my body is invigorated as the winter air reminds me the snow and winds are yet here to help me nourish myself with love.

In times of transitions and of purification, how do you nurture self love? When life around you is in transition, when the old must give way to birth the new or the ‘more valuable’ , what helps you to ground and centre yourself?

Life is full and overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.  – Eileen Caddy