Octaves of Love: The Heart Cycle of Death to New Life

We have once again finished the winter season of going within which led into the Easter season and now the beginnings of Spring and the bursting of her flowers. For me, Easter is a season of celebrating the choice to fully embrace our Light and to live the calm purposefulness of our Authentic Divine Self. And each year, just as we renew our choice, spring flowers always follow vivaciously pushing through the ground smiling and dancing to their inner rhythms of beauty and blossom, boldly displaying their vibrant colours. They cannot be ignored. We look forward to their coming as a sign of new life and new hope for the spring and summer of our lives.

Unlike many of us, Nature seems to welcome the cycle of death and new life. If spirituality is the divinely inspired movement of our ever expanded existence toward LOVE, then each death and birth cycle is really about becoming closer and more intimate with the Divine. We die over and over again so that what is less and less the Divine expression of Self can be transmuted and be put to rest. Do you every notice how perennial spring flowers after many years of this death and re-birth cycle become more resilient, vibrant, bold and prominent? They know that each year they become more and more able to anchor into the Earth, finer and more highly subtle energies than the year before. It is these fine, dynamically new Divine vibrations that bring the subtle and ever increasing transformations onto the planet.

So what are these finer, more subtle Divine vibrations or frequencies descending upon the Earth and enfolding her atmosphere? It is quite simple.–a new Octave of Love. There are already ten Octaves available to the masses. These ten Octaves of Love are really known to us like music that opens and expands the human heart, ever increasing our awareness and action in truth, in forgiveness and compassion, in conscious breath, in freedom, in non-conditional love and in divine union so that we can govern ourselves, both individually and globally as Spirit in form. Quite simply, these Octaves of Love call us to to harmonize with Divine Love, where we love ourselves and our neighbours in the same way we love God, Holy Spirit or an Expression thereof.

In this spring season, we feel and see and become renewed by the new life of buds and birds’ eggs and flowers. Our hearts naturally feel open to receive their vibrancy, their joy of living in the moment and the hope of wonderful things to come. I have heard many who speak of the vitality that returns to them in the spring. It is a rebirth they welcome. Yet, only in death can new life be truly experienced. What the flowers teach us about the Octaves of Love is that with each death we become ever closer and more transparent in our relationship with the Divine. Divine Harmony we name it. Never do flowers awake in fear or in negativity of the death they have just experienced or with the plants (our name for them is weeds) around them. It ’s a glorious moment because they trust the life that awaits them. Flowers just live it while we need to practice and condition ourselves to live this Divine Harmony of love.

For those of you who diligently and with gentle discipline walk your true spirit in form, may now find yourselves knocking on the door that ascends you to the next Octave of Love. It does not matter which door you are at, only that you open it and ask for the harmony of Love to open your heart to forgiveness in action or compassion in action or perhaps a greater liberation of soul in action. Great deaths are encountered here as well as the beginnings of new life in the gentling of hearts and stilling of minds. It is like the coming together of being both flower and mountain at the same time. The spirit softens all the while the centre of truth grows bolder and purer. Interesting that in Chinese medicine, spring is the time of the liver–a time a cleansing. To live and walk as both flower and mountain often requires great spring cleaning of our minds, our hearts and bodies of toxic patterns and habits that have diseased the temple of our soul!!

Of course, these Octaves are wonderful mystical structures of understanding what happens as we more deeply delve into the Harmony of Love. And yet, quite simply, it is as though we live both the purity of a small child’s heart and the wisdom of the elder simultaneously. What would it look like to speak to ourselves in the privacy of our minds with love and harmony parallel to the flowers who vibrate such fine vibrations of Love like that of the Goddess or of the God within, for example? What would we be saying differently about ourselves and others? What harsh and judging voices would quickly need to be put to death? Each spring we prune back the many dead branches and old vines so that new growth and life can more richly reach out and take deep breath. What relationships, busyness or false desires would we have to prune out from our over occupied minds and lives?

To live in divine harmony with life and the planet is to open our heart to higher and finer vibrations of Love. This Love seeks the wisdom of death and new life over and over again. Each cycle is ever expanding our capacity to Love, evolving us and moving us to serve a wider and wider circle of life, practically, responsibly and peacefully. Celebrate this spring by daily taking time to slow your rhythms, to feel the fine vibrations of Love singing from the flowers. Take time to gentle your heart and still your mind. Ask to receive the next Octave of Love deep into your being so that you can step into a higher practice of transformation!! Blessings of Divine Harmony!
©Shirley Martin